Labelscar Gets All Web 2.0 On You


File under: Obvious Things We Should’ve Done Awhile Ago

Just today I started an official Flickr group for Labelscar members. Tons of you have photos sitting around that you want to upload somewhere. At the same time, I’m always finding tons of great stuff on Flickr. It (finally!) occurred to me that it would be really nifty to give you guys an official place to get together and share what you have without having to go directly through us. Similarly, we may occasionally dig through this group to look for content to actually feature on the blog (but don’t worry, we’ll always ask first). We won’t be using Flickr to replace any functions on Labelscar; this is really meant as a playground for all of you!

Currently, there are no photos in our Labelscar pool 🙁 You can add some pretty easily; just:

  • Upload photos with your own Flickr Account
  • Join the Labelscar group on Flickr
  • Go to the “group pool” on the Labelscar group and click “add to pool” and choose the photos that you think are relevant

Similarly, I’ll try and make a point of asking non-readers to add some photos to the pool, just to keep things interesting.

Author: Caldor

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7 thoughts on “Labelscar Gets All Web 2.0 On You”

  1. I added the 1st 6 photos to the group under my Steavenbgill user name. The camera and photos skills are not that great but enjoy!
    The pics is from aug 2007 form Downtown Portland and Seattle.
    Tell me what do you guys think.

  2. I’m so joining. I have Memorial City Mall, Post Oak Mall, and a few others that I was planning to send to Labelscar…but I don’t have a Pro account.

  3. I need to join Flickr. Now you guys are on it, as well as the guys from The Caldor Rainbow.

  4. Great idea starting the group!

    I posted a few pics to the group; heck, as of right now I’m the leading contributor! I’ve got more but will wait until there’s more posted so I don’t hog the whole thing.

  5. I posted pictures of Port Plaza on your Flickr page.

  6. I’m on, I just don’t have pictures yet. It seems like pictures would get lost there. Could you organize it?

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