New Harbour Mall; Fall River, Massachusetts

The New Harbour Mall is a 350,000 square foot dumbell style mall in the old industrial city of Fall River, in southeastern Massachusetts. Fall River has a population of approximately 92,000 people and is located about 15 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island, or 10 miles west of New Bedford. Technically part of the Providence […]

Northshore Mall; Peabody, Massachusetts

Strangely, the malls that we have some degree of personal attachment to seem like the hardest ones to post. Neither Prangeway nor I have posted the ones closest to our houses yet, for example, and although I have a cache of photos of malls all over the country, I don’t have a lot of the […]

Tower Square (Baystate West Mall); Springfield, Massachusetts

Baystate West Mall photo from Architectural Record, mid-70sTower Square–which was born as the Baystate West Mall–is a prime example of a common attempt 1970s at reviving an urban downtown. The mall linked the city’s two flagship department stores–Steiger’s and Forbes & Wallace–along with a 30 story Marriott hotel while adding two levels of shopping.

Woburn Mall; Woburn, Massachusetts

Here’s an interesting one for you. Although it’s pretty rare, we occasionally have a complete set of photos from before AND after the renovation of a shopping mall, and the Woburn Mall in Woburn, Massachusetts is one of these lucky centers. This small (237,000 square foot) neighborhood mall is one of a group of very […]

Natick Collection (Former Natick Mall); Natick, Massachusetts

Natick Collection in Natick, MassachusettsThe Natick Collection (formerly the Natick Mall) is New England’s largest mall, with somewhere between 1.7 and 2 million square feet of floor space. But as you’ll see from these pictures, it’s also easily the most dramatic; with vaulted, undulating ceiling lines, a faux-white birch forest, and some truly daring external architecture, Natick Collection strives to be a place you want to go, not just a place you can shop.

Watertown Mall; Watertown, Massachusetts

The Watertown Mall is a small, 250,000 square foot mall located on Arsenal Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. A week or so ago, I posted about the Arsenal Mall, which was built directly across the street in the early 1980s. The Watertown Mall is its older and smaller sibling, typical of the tiny dumbell-style malls built […]

Arsenal Mall; Watertown, Massachusetts

A couple weeks back, we were featured in an article in the Weekly Dig. The reporter who wrote the story was big on getting me “in my element,” so to speak, and really wanted to take a field trip to a dead mall. Problem is, the Boston area doesn’t really have any dead malls anymore. […]

Walpole Mall; Walpole, Massachusetts

Apologies for the home state neglect. Let’s take a break from the Noo Yawka barrage with a mall that even a lot of people living in the Boston area may not know about. The Walpole Mall is the only enclosed mall serving Boston’s southwest suburbs, along the US1 and I-95 corridor. There is another, larger […]

Tewksbury Mills: Dead in the Water?

Yesterday’s announcement that Simon is mulling a purchase of embattled Mills Corporation has gotten me wondering about one of Mills’ stalled projects right in my own backyard: Tewksbury Mills. I’ve had an eye on this project for awhile. One of only two new enclosed malls currently proposed for New England, Tewksbury Mills was originally proposed […]

Filene’s Basement to Shut Boston Flagship

Today’s Boston Globe reports what was possibly an inevitable story: that the 99-year-old landmark Filene’s Basement store in Downtown Boston will shut for 1 to 2 years while the building is redeveloped. Unlike most of the tamer, modern Filene’s Basement stores that opened as part of the chain’s expansion, the original downtown Boston store is […]