The Maine Mall; South Portland, Maine

I was going to write something about football in here, and about how I kind of want the Bears to beat the Colts, but I really just figured I should diffuse the uber-dorkiness inherent in writing blogs about malls while I’m not only watching the superbowl, but also hosting a superbowl party. Ouch. I am […]

Downtown to Become Lifestyle Center

According to, the flagship L.L. Bean Store–which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is the epitome of the outdoor lifestyle brand–is going to be redeveloped as a $40 million dollar, 113,000 square-foot lifestyle center, anchored by a revamped L.L. Bean store. Of course, the original L.L. Bean store is […]

Aroostook Centre Mall; Presque Isle, Maine

Some of the more astute readers of Labelscar may have noticed that we quietly launched a new feature the other day, accessible via the page navigation in the top right of the page. All the Malls of New England is modeled after our friend Mitch Glaser’s similarly-named All the Malls of Southern California, where I’m […]