Reno Town Mall (Old Town Mall); Reno, Nevada

Reno is most famous as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” and the west’s original gambling town and the place long ago where wealthy easterners came to get divorced. With around 400,000 people in the metropolitan area, it has long since faded as the main gambling destination in comparison to Las Vegas, though it […]

Carson Mall; Carson City, Nevada

carson-mall-08Carson Mall is the only enclosed mall serving Carson County, Nevada, home of Carson City, the state capital. Anchored by a soon-to-be-dark Gottschalks and Boot Barn, this tiny mall was almost completely deserted on the Sunday afternoon I visited. I mean, literally, creepily deserted–see these photos? Notice that there’s no one else in most of them? Yeah, I was in there all by myself. There were a *few* other people; an older woman with a Florence Henderson haircut windexing the slot machines in a tiny slot parlor in the middle of the mall, a few oversized men pumping quarters into said machines, and one lone elderly gentleman limping down the center of the mall.

Park Lane Mall; Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is the second largest city in Nevada, with a population of about 210,000 people and a metropolitan population of about 450,000 (including Carson City).¬† It is not only the second largest urban area in the state of Nevada, but the only significant population center in the state other than Las Vegas,¬†which is over […]

Las Vegas Outlet Center; Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s time to wrap up my Las Vegas series with this relatively unremarkable little bonus, the Las Vegas Outlet Center. Located on South Las Vegas Boulevard a few miles south of the strip, this half million square-foot, fully enclosed outlet center strays a bit outside of the kind of thing we’d usually devote inches to […]

Galleria at Sunset; Henderson, Nevada

Opened in 1996 in the far-flung southeastern Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, The Galleria at Sunset was constructed to capitalize on the growth spurt of the Las Vegas area, and was an attempt to move more retail out to where people were moving. The area around the mall today is one of the largest retail […]

Meadows Mall; Las Vegas, Nevada

Other than the malls of the strip and the nearby Boulevard Mall, the vast suburban expanse of Las Vegas, Nevada–much of which has been built in the last decade or two–is covered by only two full-line enclosed shopping malls, on the southeast and northwest sides of the city. The Meadows Mall, which is a 900,000 […]

The Boulevard Mall; Las Vegas, Nevada

OK, so you already knew all about the Strip in Vegas, you said? Of course you did. Labelscar readers know that we’re not afraid to trek off the beaten path, and when people tell me that one seven mile stretch of tar is all there is worth seeing in a city, it only encourages me […]

The Las Vegas Strip; Las Vegas, Nevada

Dan Savage once famously decided not to answer his regular string of profane letters in his advice column, interrupting them to ramble on about his recent vacation to Las Vegas. I have every intention of doing the same. OK, no, not really. While the magic of the internet has allowed me to fool you all […]