Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Labelscar.com (formerly located at labelscar.wordpress.com) always seeks to achieve factual accuracy in any information presented, and thus welcomes comments and feedback sent by email. In addition, if you have any information or news you’d wish to share, we’d love to hear about it. This blog is curated mainly as a hobby (there’s no profit here), and as such we do not have time for full-time research. In many cases, because of the lack of information available on some of these topics–which is the primary goal in the creation of this site–speculative information is included, and generally denoted as such. We do not intentionally include false or misleading statements, and welcome corrections whenever appropriate.

The opinions and views expressed on this website/weblog are ours alone, or are those of anyone else who may post or publish a comment, and do not necessarily reflect the views of our employers or their other employees.

Third Party Websites

Labelscar.com includes links to third party blogs and websites, and we cannot guarantee, approve, or endorse the quality of any products, services, or opinions offered there. In addition, Labelscar does not have any control over the quality of content, or reliability or accuracy of information contained on third party websites. Visitors to Labelscar assume complete responsibility and risk in using any external sites. Visitors should direct any concerns regarding any external link to Labelscar’s site administrator.


Wikipedia editors have classified Labelscar.com as a “spam” site because many Wikipedia article pages have developed links to Labelscar pages, most as a result of individuals other than us. While we feel this classification is grossly unfair and inconsistent with our mission, Labelscar has unfortunately had to create a formal policy where we forbid linking to pages contained on our domain from Wikipedia articles and prohibit the use of our original photographs used on the site for any purpose on Wikipedia. We regret this action, but ask that users please respect the policies of both Labelscar and Wikipedia and not add external links pointing to this domain from Wikipedia.org.


Please do not post comments that are intentionally false, abusive, libelous, mean, confidential, irrelevant, or written expressly for sales or “link development” purposes, e.g. spam. The site administrators reserve the right to remove any comment, for any reason and at any time, though it’s an option we prefer not to exercise because we feel that the comments bring a positive dimension to our forum.  They are intended to offer those who come across our site instantaneous accessibility and the ability to share facts and ideas, both of which make our site and the information contained within better and more whole.

In addition, please use your best judgment when commenting on sensitive topics. The discussion of retail and its built environment often overlaps with socioeconomic and racial issues. Please use your best judgment and do not cross the line. Labelscar’s site administrators want to keep this a fun, informative, and welcoming environment for all. Be judicious with your wording and remember that anyone can be reading. We reserve the right to remove intentionally inflammatory comments, though we would prefer to do so sparingly.  You can and should articulate your opinions on sensitive matters without using language that offends others and makes you look like an ass.

Labelscar.com and its site administrators do not take responsibility for the comments posted by third parties. We make no guarantees, expressly or implied, as to the truthfulness of any user-generated content on the site. If you have concerns about information contained in one of these comments, please contact us directly or, alternately, post another comment reflecting your views.

Due to the high volume of spam comments that are directed at blogs, Labelscar is protected by an Akismet spam blocker. Unfortunately, on rare occasion a legitimate comment is dinged as spam, and due to the high volume of spam it is rare that these falsely-classified comments are caught by a human. If for some reason you posted a legitimate comment that was never posted on the site and you believe was classified as spam, please re-post the comment or email us, and we will be sure to rectify the problem. Please do not take it personally; we likely never even saw it.

Use of Corporate Logos and Copyrighted Imagery

Unless otherwise noted, the copyright of all materials on Labelscar.com, including photos and words, remains the property of the site administrators, Jason Damas and Ross Schendel. If you would like to republish any photos or direct quotations from the website, we appreciate an email to request the use of the materials and to detail how they would be used. As this website was created with the intent to share information, your request will likely be granted provided that the materials in question are original content produced by Labelscar.com.

On occasion, illustration of our research calls for the display of the logo of a corporation or other organization that is protected by copyright or trademark. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images of logos to illustrate the corporation or organization in question, by the non-profit journalistic entity labelscar.com, qualifies as fair use under United States Copyright Law. Trademarks, service marks, and a limited number of images depicted within this site have been used to illustrate historical perspectives and remain the property of their respective owners. Any other uses of this image may be copyright infringement. If you are the copyright owner of these images and object to their use, email me and we will discontinue their use.

To Mall Owners and Management

We love malls. We’ve been fascinated by them since we were children and hate to see them die. This website was created as a labor of love to try and save bits and pieces from stores, malls, and other retail miscellany before they disappear or change. In many cases, there is a considerable personal financial burden involved with visiting a certain retail entity. We have no interest in intentionally doing anything that will directly impact your business negatively.

In most cases, the taking of photography inside of shopping malls is prohibited. While at least one of us at Labelscar has worked in a sensitive photographic environment and understands your reasons for this rule, we feel that the creation of a public space–where it is expected that the public will develop an emotional attachment to an environment and a community is established–means that it is important for others to preserve a memory of this space. One of the main reasons we created this blog is because hundreds of malls throughout this country have disappeared, and there is little documentation of these public communal spaces. Both the taking and publishing of these photos is legal and protected by the First Amendment. We will always make efforts to be as courteous as possible when taking pictures of your malls and stores, avoiding photography of merchandise or taking identifiable photos of patrons.

In addition, there are times when we speak about your shopping center or mall in a way you may deem “negative.” If there are factual inaccuracies, then please bring them to our attention, but we will not remove verbiage or photographs from the website simply because they paint your retail entity in a negative light. We are not just bloggers, but also professional journalists by trade and call things as we see them. It’s not our job to write your press releases. Similarly, we welcome official information and news, and if you have an event or press release about expansion plans, future development, or redevelopment, then please feel free to contact us and we may choose to cover it.

We welcome a dialogue with you. While we may be seen as outsiders, our intention is to help, rather than harm, your business.