Cornwall Centre; Regina, Saskatchewan

The result of an urban renewal project that began in the 1970s, Cornwall Centre opened in 1981. Like many large cities across North America, downtown Regina had become a ghost town in the mid-20th century as the city expanded in all directions to accomodate a rising automobile culture, adding low-density jobs, housing, industry and retail to the periphery of the city in the process. To counter this, Cornwall Centre and numerous other buildings were constructed downtown to attract shoppers, and several larger buildings were later constructed for workers. One of these buildings, the SaskTel tower opens right into Cornwall Centre, strategically located near the food court in order to maximize on downtown office lunching.

Midtown Plaza and Scotia Centre; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

midtown-plaza-23Midtown Plaza opened in 1969-1970, centered around the former site of Sasktoon’s main rail station, which was relocated to the west side during a major downtown redevelopment effort. The redevelopment also included a major performing arts center (or, centre, if we’re trying to be native), TCU Place, and a large office tower, The Tower at Midtown, as well as a new downtown freeway, and another bridge. Paris, watch out.