Cloverleaf Mall; Richmond, Virginia

Hey there everyone! Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks/months… it’s been a pretty crazy one. I just spent two weeks out on the west coast for the first time since the 80s, and I even got to visit a few malls while I was out there, and look for them to appear […]

Landmark Mall; Alexandria, Virginia

The Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia is one of those curious cases where its really surprising that the mall became a dead mall. Landmark seemingly had the right ingredients; a nice facility at a solid, high-traffic location in a relatively affluent, high-population area. What’s more, the only mall very nearby that’s in direct competition is […]

Azalea Mall; Richmond, Virginia

Hey kids, Some of you may have noticed (and if you haven’t, I must question the value of our friendship) that I’ve been a bit absent lately. I noticed that my house was looking a bit too much like a 1970s-vintage dead mall, with its wood-paneled conversation pits and bubbly light fixtures. I decided it […]

Walnut Mall; Petersburg, Virginia

Labelscar’s friend Michael Lisicky wrote us to send some photos of the former Thalhimers at the Walnut Mall in Petersburg, Virginia, both taken in May 1991, shortly after the May Co. announced the store would be closing. Thalhimers was a Richmond-based department store chain that had stores in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina […]

Springfield Mall; Springfield, Virginia

Part of the purpose of Labelscar is to unearth and share retail oddities that we find in our travels. I’d think that the dice-like cubes that sit atop the mall entrances at the Springfield Mall qualify, wouldn’t you? The Springfield Mall is a 1.4 million square foot enclosed shopping mall with over 230 stores in […]