Galleria at Sunset; Henderson, Nevada

Galleria at Sunset sign in Henderson, Nevada
Opened in 1996 in the far-flung southeastern Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, The Galleria at Sunset was constructed to capitalize on the growth spurt of the Las Vegas area, and was an attempt to move more retail out to where people were moving. The area around the mall today is one of the largest retail districts in all of suburban Las Vegas, and serves a relatively affluent corner of the metropolitan area. The mall is owned and managed by Forest City Enterprises.

Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada

The Galleria at Sunset is a two-level, “Y” shaped mall with just over a million square feet of floor space, including 110 stores and 5 anchors: JCPenney, Mervyn’s, Dillard’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Robinsons-May (soon to be Macy’s). Unlike its twin mall, Meadows Mall, located on the city’s northwest side, The Galleria at Sunset sports a bright and airy decor complete with pastels and tropical plantlife. Its architectural highlight is a large series of fountains in the center court, which is something of a rarity in newer malls.

Of course, being only ten years old, there isn’t a ton of drama to the Galleria at Sunset either, which makes my job pretty boring. However, if you want more, there’s a good photo set of the Galleria, including a page devoted entirely to the mall’s grand opening ceremony. Enjoy the pictures!

Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada

Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada Galleria at Sunset in Henderson, Nevada

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  1. Pretty typical, but nice mall.


  2. Boring


  3. Okay… shouldn’t Robinsons-May be trying to hide the Macy’s sign a little better?


  4. Interestingly, a standalone Filene’s store along my morning commute in Belmont, MA had its Macy’s signs completely uncovered this morning. Isn’t the changeover not until the 9th? I guess those flimsy banners are giving out prematurely.


  5. I saw a few Marshall Fields this weekend and last week and the signs were completely changed over on the outside. Only the employees’ name tags and the store’s bags still read Marshall Fields.


  6. I love the overuse of “at.” The Galleria AT Sunset. The Shops AT blah blah. They could have used the timeless “Sunset Galleria.” When the “at” phase passes, the malls will be dated again.


  7. They actually call it that because there is another Galleria over on Rancho and Charleston. It is called the Galleria Mini-Mall and is known as the Asian Galleria. That is why it is called the Galleria at Sunset so there is no confusion.

    I live not too far from it, in my opinion the mall is pretty shitty, not much parking, too many rules (can’t sit on a bench for more than 10 minutes, no groups of 4 or more, etc), security is known for kicking people out.


  8. The mall also has been losing stores recently, such as KB Toys, Franklin Covey, and The Game Keeper (which has now turned into a store with tables for Yu-Gi-Oh battles, lol).


  9. The closing of KB Toys and Franklin Covey is not a sign of decline at a mall. Both chains are financially troubled.

    After Fashion Show, this is the next best mall in Vegas. The one advantage of this mall over Fashion Show is that the tourist factor is MUCH lower. The disadvantage is that it is all the way over in Henderson and I live in Centennial Hills.

    The new Centennial Hills Mall is being built across the street from me. They need to get on that. Meadows doesn’t have the stores I like and Boulevard is frightening at best.


  10. Yesterday I went to the Galleria, it was deserted. A place in the food court is now a cigarette store. A lot of off-the-wall stores are starting to open up and it is so dirty inside. The Boulevard is not frightening, it is beautiful and now it has a Circuit City. The Boulevard actually has stores that sell normal things, maybe I like it because it reminds me of the NJ malls. The Meadows has nice shopping surrounding it and soon it will be redone into an upscale shopping village.


  11. Now I work at the Galleria, Macy’s is always empty and Spencer’s has closed.


  12. I work for a retail chain that has locations at both Galleria and Meadows. Out Galleria store is actually the higher volume store. It is also our higher shrink store. Our store at Boulevard was actually doing so badly that we decided not to renew our lease there when it expired about two years ago. The truth is that Boulevard at one time many years ago was in the best part of town. This is no longer true. Galleria and Meadows can draw from wealthier areas of town, mostly because they are right off the freeway.


    Mike Reply:

    @Ben, The Boulevard came into being when all of America’s indoor malls started – the 1950’s. The Boulevard has one benefit that Meadows and Galleria don’t – it can borrow from the massive tourist population to get shoppers. That is why they have a full fledged taxi stand with bench area.


  13. “Off-the-Wall” stores? Like what?


  14. Locals have worned me to stay away from boulevard mall more than once.

    I have been there twice and i understand why.

    Galleria @ Sunset sort of reminds me of either Danbury fair or Freehold raceway, i just don’t know why.


  15. it is 2010 now.

    A lot of things have changed since these pics were taken.

    It is a very nice mall


    SEAN Reply:

    @CHLOE, I just returned from Las Vegas yesterday & I agree the Galleria is a nice property. I would go as far as to say that the store quality at the mall is better today than in 2008 when I last visited. Believe it or not, there are only four empty stores & two of them have comeing soon signs despite the current ecconemy.


  16. Long story short, this is where the white people that used to shop at The Meadows now shop. Yeah, I said it, because that is exactly why this mall was built. This is the same reason why no groups of more than four, no sitting on benches too long, scary looking security guards with a photo and name montage near food court so you get to know them personlly. The mall walking distances are less so fatter, older persons don’t burn out before they spend money (like myself). It is actually a hybrid concept of a mall. The indoor mall is smaller and there are many stand alone retailers near the perimeter public streets as well as strip shopping centers.


  17. Galleria at Sunset getting first renovation since ’96 opening


    Expect to see some major changes at the Galleria at Sunset this year.

    By fall, the mall’s multicolor motif of purple, orange and yellow will be history, replaced with a more sophisticated look achieved through the use of stone, dark woods, cream colors and sleek lines. The mall expanded in 2004, but the new venture is its first major renovation since opening in 1996.

    It’s costing $7 million to renovate the 1.05 million-square-foot center, which houses more than 140 specialty stores, 11 fast-food restaurants and two full-service eateries. All stores and restaurants will remain open during construction.

    “This is the right timing. We’re starting to see turnaround in our local and national economy,” Galleria at Sunset Marketing Director Heather Valera said.

    Around the time that the renovations are scheduled to be finished, the Galleria at Sunset will be welcoming a two-story, 20,000-square-foot H&M and a Boutique Talulah. Express, Express Men’s and Bath & Body Works will move to accommodate H&M’s new store.

    “A $7 million renovation as we’re starting to climb out of this economic slump we’ve been in speaks volumes. … We hope this is the beginning of the trend,” said Bryan Wachter, government affairs director for the Retail Association of Nevada.

    Wachter said that the Galleria has a following because of its location in Henderson, just off the Las Vegas Beltway and Sunset Road, not near any other regional malls.

    The closest mall is Boulevard, which is about nine miles away.

    “They have a regional competitiveness that some of our other shopping centers don’t,” Wachter said.

    Valera said the Galleria’s recent sales are up low- to mid-single-digit percentages from in 2012.

    “We’ve seen a stabilization, and then we saw a slight (sales) increase over the last year,” she said. “In 2013, those increases have been growing.”

    Wachter said that retail overall in Southern Nevada is starting to flourish again, which underscores a rise in consumer confidence and that retailers have faith in the area and want to be here.

    “Stores are always reinventing themselves, and with the advent of the Internet, they have to work harder to provide a better experience for shoppers,” Wachter said. “Our retailers excel at that, and it’s what allows us to provide a more comprehensive retail experience than you’d find elsewhere.”

    Changes to the Galleria at Sunset will include new lighting, seating, tile, handrails and a new guest services center. The center court will be completely updated.

    “It brings a new level of sophistication to the center,” Valera said of the project. “The food court is really going to go through a massive transformation.”

    Also, a family restroom will be built, equipped with private nursing rooms and a family waiting area.

    The project contractor is VCC USA .

    The mall, which is owned and operated by Forest City Enterprises, has Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Dillard’s, Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods as anchor tenants. Specialty stores include Coach, Buckle, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s Secret.

    Contact reporter Laura Carroll at or 702-380-4588. Follow @lscvegas on Twitter.


  18. New restaurants coming to Galleria at Sunset mall in $24 million expansion

    By Sun Staff

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014 | 2:05 p.m.

    Galleria at Sunset Mall Renovation Renderings

    The Galleria at Sunset mall in Henderson will break ground Thursday on a $24.1 million expansion that will include six new restaurants, a valet, new entrance and an outdoor plaza.

    Restaurants will include newcomers Bravo! and Larsen’s, as well as the Sugar Factory, which is opening its third Las Vegas Valley location and the first off the Strip, officials announced today.

    The restaurants are scheduled to open in spring 2015. The other eateries will be announced later.

    Several of the new restaurants will include patio seating. Right now, the mall has two full-service and 11 fast-food restaurants.

    “The expansion is a sign of great things to come,” said Heather Valera, director of marketing at the Galleria at Sunset. “These new restaurants are a great complement to an already exciting shopping experience.”

    The 30,000-square-foot expansion is the second phase of a renovation at the 18-year-old shopping center. Mall entrances also will be updated with a more modern appearance and feature the mall’s new logo, officials said.

    The project will kick off with a groundbreaking ceremony at 2 p.m. Thursday at the mall’s south entrance, between the Chevy’s and Red Robin restaurants. Construction will be suspended in November so that it does not interfere with holiday shopping and then resume in the new year.

    The $7 million first phase of the project — it started last year and is virtually finished — included improvements to the food court, center court, guest services center and restrooms.

    It also included renovated interior common areas with soft seating and the addition of free Wi-Fi and the Sunset Express, a trackless train kids can ride.

    The Galleria at Sunset, which opened in 1996, is co-owned by Forest City Enterprises and QIC and managed by Forest City Enterprises.

    The 1,048,000-square-foot regional shopping center is the only enclosed mall in Henderson and one of the largest in Southern Nevada.


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