Woman Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting

A little humor goes a long way.

What mall is this?  I have no idea. Edit: It’s apparently at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, which we’ve covered in the past.

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  1. Awesome.

    Today, I’m staying in a hotel directly across from the Rivercenter, though I’d like to see Cincinnati Mall/Forest Fair Mall on this site.


    Alpha Reply:

    I’d like to see the Cincinnati malls on this site. There’s enough of them that have failed (Crestview Hills, Beechmont Mall, Cincinnati Mall, Western Woods) and are in dire straits (TriCounty, Northgate, Tower Place) and healthy (Kenwood / Sycamore Commons, Florence, Eastgate) to make an interesting case study.


    Pseudo3D Reply:

    @Alpha, I saw your update on Cincinnati Mills on DeadMalls.com. Nice! Why didn’t The Mills keep what they already had is beyond me.


  2. This is at the Berkshire Mall, in Wyomissing PA. It’s actually my local mall, and I have a direct connection to the security guard that recorded this from the surveilance tape. It only makes it funnier knowing the exact setting of where this happened…good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings!


    Natasha Reply:

    @Aphrodite17, – can you get in touch – we’d love to talk to the security guard – my name is Natasha and I’m with CBS News in New York – 212.975.7115 – many thanks


  3. Looks like the woman who fell in the fountain is now planning to take legal action against the mall according to some sources.


  4. Who’s fault is it? Some dumb lady who is too busy texting AND NOT LOOKING WHERE SHE’S WALKING or the mall’s? Come on madam! When you wanna text, just do what the rest of us do, just grab an Orange Julius or what-have-you and sit down on a bench or a chair! I know I won’t text and walk AGAIN! I walked into the french door in my apartment once and it hurts like heck! Suing the mall for your own stupidity? Please!


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