Harrisburg Mall; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

It was the fall of 2004, and I was finishing up my first day of what was then the longest trip that I’d taken alone. After a long day spent trawling across the northeast, I found myself standing in the lobby of a Red Roof Inn in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, entirely by myself in a city […]

Fort Henry Mall; Kingsport, Tennessee

All too often we profile the underdogs here. Malls that couldn’t make it get all the attention and some of the interesting, successful centers get lost in the fray. Sure, empty, dated corridors are great, but we aren’t being fair here and we never intended to punish those who are currently winning the game of […]

Nashua Mall and Plaza; Nashua, New Hampshire

Since this blog is sub-titled retail history, I figured that our inaugural mall from the Granite State might as well be, um, history. The Nashua Mall was the first enclosed shopping mall built in New Hampshire, opening in 1969. The 350,000 square foot, 35-ish store, simply laid-out dumbell mall served for many years as the […]

Garden City Shopping Centre; Winnipeg, Manitoba

I didn’t want Canada to feel left out, since they seem to actually have more malls than the United States (per capita anyway).  Hey, it’s colder there.  Anyway, Garden City Shopping Centre is an enclosed mall with 80 stores located on the northwest side of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is approximately 30 years old, and anchored […]

South Forks Plaza (currently Grand Cities Mall); Grand Forks, North Dakota

  Built in 1964, South Forks Plaza was Grand Forks, North Dakota’s first enclosed mall on a main commercial strip close to the center of town.  In 1978, the Dayton Hudson Corporation opened a new mall, Columbia Mall, on the edge of town near the recently completed Interstate 29, linking Grand Forks north to Winnipeg, […]

Atrium Mall; Newton, Massachusetts

In general, most of the enclosed malls that survive in today’s marketplace are the big boys, the million-square-foot plus behemoths that can squeeze every retailer under the sun into a single building. I’ve noticed one very notable exception to this, however. There seems to be a number of small, upscale, niche-oriented enclosed malls that thrive […]

Crossroads Mall; Fort Dodge, Iowa

  Crossroads Mall is located on the south side of Fort Dodge, in north central Iowa, population 25,000.  However, don’t let the seemingly small size fool you, because Fort Dodge is essentially the only population center for miles around.  Of the nearest larger cities: Ames is 60 miles south, Des Moines is about 100 miles south, Waterloo […]

Fremont Mall; Fremont, Nebraska

Fremont Mall opened in 1967 along East 23rd Street (Route 30) on the north side of Fremont, Nebraska.  The enclosed mall isn’t very large at 227,000 square feet and serves the immediate Fremont area, drawing from an entirely local population.  It is currently anchored by JCPenney and Gordman’s (A discount, uptrend big boxer much like Marshalls), with a recent […]

North Towne Mall; Rockford, Illinois

North Towne Mall was a hybrid enclosed-strip mall located at the corner of W. Riverside Blvd. and N Main St. on the north side of Rockford, Illinois.  It opened in 1956 and at some point either a portion or the entire center was enclosed.  Its main anchor was the Rockford-based department store Charles V. Weise and Company, which most people called […]

The Mall at Chestnut Hill; Newton, Massachusetts

One of the common–and unsurprising–themes that I’ve observed in my travels to visit shopping malls throughout the country is that the most successful malls are often the ones that have had recent renovations, while the older ones are the ones that are flagging. If anything, this is the main reason why “dead malls” are somewhat […]