Six Flags Mall; Arlington, Texas

With a population of over 360,000, Arlington, Texas is one of the country’s megasuburbs.  An advantageous location sandwiched directly between Dallas and Fort Worth combined with a national trend of growth in sun belt regions has given Arlington an impressive 40% increase in population since 1990.  In 1950, Arlington’s population was just 7,000.  This explosive growth is similar […]

Oakdale Mall; Johnson City (Binghamton), New York

Happy Holidays everyone! As you can see, I’ve been more than a bit busy with visiting multiple families and opening presents and cleaning houses and doing the other seasonal trappings that–despite a vacation from work–I haven’t had time to toss some malls to you guys in awhile. I visited the Binghamton area’s Oakdale Mall back […]

Marquette Mall; Michigan City, Indiana

Cozily nestled on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, Michigan City is an industrial, working-class city of about 32,000 people.  It’s about 60 miles east of downtown Chicago and 40 miles west of South Bend.  The dominant features of the landscape are the giant, 600-foot NIPSCO energy cooling tower and Mt. Baldy, a 123 foot sand […]

South Bay Galleria; Redondo Beach, California

All malls which bear the name Galleria are modeled, in theory at least, on the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, a four-story glass-enclosed mall in Milan, Italy.  South Bay Galleria is no exception.  Opened in 1985, South Bay Galleria appended a 3-level modern mall to an existing Robinson’s-May location which had operated as a department store in some capacity […]

Cloverdale Mall; Toronto, Ontario

It’s been a while since we posted anything from Canada, and we don’t want them to feel left out.  Cloverdale Mall is a 460,000 square foot enclosed mall anchored by Winners, Zellers, and Dominion, a grocery store.  It’s located near the intersection of Dundas St and Highway 427 in the Etobicoke area of west Toronto.  There are 105 […]

Northwoods Mall; Peoria, Illinois

With a population of 112,000 and a metro statistical area population of 350,000, Peoria typifies working-class middle America.  In fact, Peoria was often a test market for many national media products.  The saying “That won’t play in Peoria” referred to this testing, and how Peoria was commonly used as a benchmark for media standards in music, movies, and television intended […]

Almeda Mall; Houston, Texas

Some of you may have heard about an accolade we’ve had around here that we’re pretty excited about. You see, despite being a relatively little-known blog about esoteric retail subjects, Time Magazine saw fit to name us their Person of the Year for 2006, which is quite an honor. We’re pretty psyched, even if we […]

Freehold Raceway Mall; Freehold, New Jersey

While it’s not necessarily the best time to take pictures of malls (too busy; people get in the way), the Christmas season can be one of the most fun times to go shopping. Even when I worked in retail management, and found this to be the most stressful time of the year, I kind of […]

Machesney Park Mall; Machesney Park, Illinois

Everyone carries pieces of nostalgia with them from childhood.  They’re personal memories we can look back and reflect upon, and they generally make us feel warm inside and even give us a sense of pride.  They evoke feelings of ‘way back when’ when things were indeed simpler for us.  We didn’t have to worry about paying bills […]

Media Frenzy!

I’m pretty excited about something that I wanted to share with Labelscar readers. We were recently featured in Retail Traffic Magazine in Mike Janssen’s article about the phenomenon of mall fan blogs, along with some of our friends such as Keith Milford at MallsofAmerica and Scott Parsons at BIGMallRat. It’s our first–and hopefully not last!–bit […]