Kohl’s Opening 65 Stores in 30 States

          On October 5, 2006, Kohl’s Department Stores embarked on the largest grand opening in its history, opening 65 stores in 30 states.  At an analysts’ convention in Tampa, they also revealed future plans for expansion.  Currently, Kohls has about 820 stores in 45 states; however, they plan to open 115 stores next year, and about […]

Hello, Macy’s!

Goodbye, Marshall Field’s.  Goodbye, Famous-Barr.  Goodbye, The Jones Store.  Goodbye, Robinsons-May.  Goodbye, Meier & Frank.  Goodbye, Foley’s.  Goodbye, Strawbridges.  Goodbye, Kaufmann’s.  Goodbye, L.S. Ayres.  Goodbye, Filene’s.  Last but certainly not least, goodbye, Hecht’s.  You all no longer exist and are all now Macy’s.  On Saturday of this past weekend, September 9, 2006, all of those brands officially became Macy’s, […]

Downtown to Become Lifestyle Center

According to GlobeSt.com, the flagship L.L. Bean Store–which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is the epitome of the outdoor lifestyle brand–is going to be redeveloped as a $40 million dollar, 113,000 square-foot lifestyle center, anchored by a revamped L.L. Bean store. Of course, the original L.L. Bean store is […]

Retail Relic: Benny’s Home & Auto Stores

While the name will be unfamiliar to anyone from outside Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, or Eastern Connecticut, Benny’s Home & Auto Stores–who continue to operate today–are a true living retail relic. Just look at this vintage-looking store! Nearly all of the Benny’s stores, even the ones of more recent vintage, seem to look like this. […]

Wal-Mart Profits Drop for First Time in Decade

I’m a bit slow in addressing the big retail story of the past week, which is that Wal-Mart has posted their first drop in quarterly profits since 1996. This wouldn’t be massive news if it was a chain smaller than Wal-Mart (after all, we aren’t talking about a loss, just a drop in profits). But […]

Retail Relic: Ames Department Stores

  To those of us who grew up in the Northeast, Ames was Wal-Mart before there was such a thing. Ames was many things, but they weren’t glamorous: their stores were big emporiums with long rows of flourescent lights that sold plastic jelly shoes, cheap plastic bins for storing random stuff, and fiberboard furniture. But […]

PREIT Purchases Former Strawbridge’s Flagship Store

One of the more prominent retail sites vacated due to the Federated/May merger has been snatched up by PREIT (The Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust). According to GlobeSt.com, the developer has signed a purchase agreement for floors one through six of the former Strawbridge’s anchor store at Eighth and Market Streets in center city Philadelphia. […]

Federated Sells Lord and Taylor for $1.2bil

Federated Department Stores played hot potato with the Lord and Taylor brand earlier today, selling it off almost immediately after acquiring it from May Company.  Federated Department Stores reported today that it would sell its Lord and Taylor division for $1.2 billion in cash.  The Wall Street Journal had previously reported that the probable buyer was a partnership between Apollo […]

Retail Relic: Old School Kmarts

Some stores are slow when it comes to standardization of their logos or decor, but perhaps none have been more notorious for this than Kmart. Even after their moderately successful rebranding campaign that began in the early 1990s, many of the chain’s stores held onto the older vintage logo scheme, and many (most?) never got […]