It’s Mall Week at The AV Club


In real life, the Lone Pine Mall from Back to the Future is the Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry, California

Do you read the Onion’s AV Club? If you don’t, you might not be aware that it’s “Mall Week” over there, with a slew of posts all about malls and pop culture. Today, they had a post that very well could’ve appeared here at Labelscar on the beautiful artificiality of American malls:

Yet what appeals most to me about the design and execution of malls is that there remain kinks that can never be wholly smoothed out—especially once the facilities start to age. The plastic plants gather dust. The public’s interest in dipped candles and video arcades wanes. Retail spaces open up, and are often re-filled with much less care than in the original plan. My fondest memories of the malls of my youth are the stores that seemed out of place: the weird little collectibles outlets or quasi head shops that worked their way into the mall community and then hung in.

Go check it out, and then read the rest of the Mall Week articles, including a run-down of pivotal movie scenes happening in malls or an analysis of how malls in movies double as time machines.

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  1. Wow, the Onion’s AV Club has done it again! Mall Week? Cool! I love their 15 Pivotal Movie Mall Scenes!


  2. Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot about that.

    I haven’t seen Back To The Future in 20 years.


  3. “…so I sent them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts!”

    I’m surprised that the “Pivotal Mall Scenes” didn’t include BttF, unless I missed something big.


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