Bedford Mall; Bedford, New Hampshire

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

These small malls always seem to be a big hit on Labelscar, so here’s your notice: This is one dead mall that’s about to go away. The Bedford Mall, in the affluent Manchester, New Hampshire suburb of Bedford, is not long for this world.

Manchester, New Hampshire, with a population of around 110,000, is the largest city in the state of New Hampshire and also the largest single municipality in Northern New England. Although Manchester’s heyday was during the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s–when its brick mills along the Merrimack River made this city one of the most productive in America–the city has grown in recent years due to its proximity (50 miles or so) to the Boston area. The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, located near the Bedford Mall, is one of New England’s busiest airports.

The Bedford Mall opened along Daniel Webster Highway (US3), just three miles southwest of downtown Manchester, sometime in the 1970s. The mall was originally anchored by Purity supermarket at the northern end and WT Grant’s at the southern end, these would be replaced by–respectively–Alexander’s Supermarket and Montgomery Ward in the coming years. The mall itself was, in those days, mostly a fairly straightforward dumbell between the two anchors with room for 20-30 stores.

Macy's adjacent to Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

Interestingly, there was also a large standalone Jordan Marsh store constructed just south of–but not attached to–the Bedford Mall sometime in the early to mid 1970s. This store sports the standard Jordan Marsh architecure of its time, with signature sweeping copper awnings. The Jordan Marsh was separated from the Bedford Mall by a hotel and convention center, so it’s obvious that the department store and the mall were never meant to connect although they clearly did have a symbiotic relationship. The Jordan Marsh store converted to Macy’s when the brand was retired in 1996, and until the Federated/May merger of 2006 remained the only Macy’s in the immediate Manchester area.

In 1991, the Alexander’s left the mall after being acquired by Hannaford, and it was soon replaced by MVP Sports, a New England-based big box sporting goods retailer. Sometime in the 1990s, property management added a large extension to the front of the mall that included room for two additional anchors–filled by Marshalls and Paperama (which was a strange hybrid of a party store, a large drugstore, and a general merchandiser). Although the entire Paperama chain would close in 1994, the store would be quickly filled with a new Staples. In 1997, Montgomery Ward shut their store here (including most/all of their New England stores). Their store was split in half between Linens N Things and Bob’s Stores, effectively repositioning the mall as a mid-priced, big-box anchored alternative to the larger, more mainstream Mall of New Hampshire a few miles away in Manchester.

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

MVP Sports was acquired by the French chain Decathlon Sports sometime around 2000 (I’ve read 1999, but I seem to recall it being somewhat later). Decathlon managed the rebranding of the MVP Sports stores very strangely, leaving the branding up entirely at some or forgetting to replace signage at others. Or–as you see above–neglecting to clear off the MVP Sports labelscar! If you look at the photos above and below this paragraph, you’ll notice that although they updated the signage on the outside of the building, they never updated the signage facing the interior of the mall. Their rather shaky mastery of concepts like “marketing” would foreshadow things to come: in 2003, Decathlon closed all but 4 of their US stores, including this one. The company soldiered on a few more years with just four locations. In 2006, Decathlon purchased–and cleared–the former site of the WR Grace facility in Woburn, Massachusetts–most famous for its part in the movie A Civil Action–to build a destinational superstore. Soon after, and before they would ever break ground, the entire American division of the chain folded.

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

Unfortunately, this roster of tenants never did much to drive traffic to the interior of the Bedford Mall. I visited many times from 1999 to 2008, and the center seemed to be very slowly and gradually emptying, ultimately reaching a low of only 9 tenants out of space for 26. Increasingly, the mall has felt like a relic from “simpler times” (ha ha) and many of the interior storefronts, such as the CVS and Papa Gino’s facades, were neglected for a considerable amount of time. One of the best signs of the mall’s neglect is this sticker vending machine, which clearly has not been re-stocked since the late 1990s:

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

One faint glimmer of home arose in late 2007 or early 2008. The large Macy’s store located just south of the mall became involved in a redevelopment proposal that would wipe out the Quality Inn that separates the mall from Macy’s, and it was rumored that a new lifestyle center anchored by Whole Foods would span much of the distance separating Macy’s and the present day Bedford Mall. Although I don’t think anyone truly expected this to save the enclosed mall, there was at least some new retail activity happening around the site. Of course, the loss of Linens N Things to bankruptcy, along with the shaky financial situation of Bob’s Stores, didn’t necessarily bode well for the long term prospects of the center.

The final nail in the Bedford Mall’s coffin came in February 2009. Management announced that the entire enclosed portion of the mall would be demolished to be replaced with a Kohl’s department store, and much of the rest of the center would be reconfigured to appropriately hold all of the other existing big box tenants.

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire Bedford Mall in Bedford, New Hampshire

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  1. I’ve never seen that particular Marshalls logo before. I also don’t recall ever spotting the Papa Gino’s logo located in the bottom row of photos.

    Caldor, please forgive me for my rudeness, but I thought that Jordan Marsh was coverted to Macy’s in 1996 (as opposed to 1997). Also, I really like that particular prototype Jordan Marsh used for its stores back when the Bedford store was built. Does anybody here know the exact years when Jordan Marsh utilitized that prototype?

    It’s so nice to see a mall from New England get profiled, because it seems to have been at least a year since another mall from that region was featured on Labelscar. (On a slightly different matter, I do know that it has been almost two years since a New Jersey mall was profiled.)


  2. A bit of a correction. The Wards was a Grant City, not a W.T. Grant. No W.T. Grant would have ever been big enough for a Wards, but a Grant City definitely.


  3. I would think that having popular chains like Staples and Marshalls would help revive the mall. Too bad it’s just going to all be demolished for a Kohls.


  4. I should add a detail about one other oddity of the Bedford Mall: this is the only occurrence of this particular Bob’s logo that I’m aware of. Their stores pretty much all use the black and blue box; for some reason they tested with this logo for this one site and never changed it to be the same as the others.


  5. When the heck did Marshalls use an all caps logo? It looks especially weird stretched out in a curve on that one sign.


  6. Max – I believe Jordan Marsh developed the prototype used for their Bedford, NH store sometime in the late 1960s through the early 1970s.

    This same prototype was used for their stores in the Northshore (Peabody, MA) and Southshore (Braintree, MA) Plazas. Those stores both opened circa 1968. The same facade was used on the Jordan Marsh stores located in the Warwick (RI) and Burlington (MA) Malls, as well as in the Galeria at Worcester (MA) Center. Although the Worcester store store was actually surrounded by the mall and a parking garage, it looked like all the rest – minus the copper awnings, of course!


  7. So what killed this one?


  8. You all need to get a life. The town of Bedford will not allow Bob’s Stores to change their exterior sign on the building. Plus, all of the signs next to the road has been there since the get go. Pay attention a little bit, before ratting and raving!


  9. I’m guessing small size was a factor in its eventual demise. Looking at the floorplan, the enclosed mall itself is hardly any larger than the former Montgomery Ward building. Lately it seems like it’s nigh impossible to keep a tiny mall like this viable.

    Also, I’d say a lack of solid anchors was a factor. Marshalls and Staples just don’t have the same kind of draw as JCPenney or Macy’s, and having not one, but two defunct anchors (MVP/Decathlon and Linens ‘n Things) along with the weak Bob’s Store sure isn’t helping much either.


  10. I could use some Papa Gino’s right about now…


  11. What?! No mention of the Bedford Cinema? It has always been the only reason I ever go to that mall for at least the last 30 years.

    I was born in 71, so I can’t be sure of much before that. I know I saw Pete’s Dragon there.


    Al Reply:

    @Troy, You’ll be shopping alot more when the new MARKET BASKET opens up


  12. Get ready people because when the mall is demolished and rebuilt you will have a new store that you have been asking for, It’s called MARKET BASKET. Permit have been approved.


    NewEnglander Reply:

    @Al, hopefully the market basket will be blocked.

    Around here, we call them Ghetto Basket. They’re always filthy and they smell like rotting meat, and the clientele makes People of Wal-Mart look like snazzy dressers!


  13. Hey I remember when Staples was a party store. My sister and I would harass my girlfriend when she was working there. Papa Ginos is the bomb and I remember seeing Ace Ventura at the Theatre there.


  14. The Jordan Marsh in Bedford was a BEAUTIFUL store in its day (inside). It was so much nicer than the Jordan Marsh “mall”stores generally. Great selection of clothing and an awesome furniture department.

    I think Whole Foods would do very well in NH (Bedford or Portsmouth)

    New Hampshire has always been 20 years behind in terms of stores/fashion.

    NH is no place for a fashionista thats for sure. Ick.


    NewEnglander Reply:

    @Tarsha Foster McGillicuddy Abbott,

    Whole Foods would do well in Bedford. The median income is about $80K.


  15. In the bottom right picture (the one with the Marshalls entrance on the right), the store on the left (with the red facade) looks like the old Gap style – can anyone confirm this? I can even picture the lowercase “gap” logo in white.


    Dan Reply:

    @Kevin C,
    They’re currently tearing most of this mall down. As I drove by the other day some of the interior parts of the stores were exposed to the outside and there was an area where there was a “Gap” sign on an interior wall. Oddly enough, it wasn’t in the area of that store entrance in the picture. Maybe “gap” was there and moved within the mall at one time.


    NHnative Reply:

    @Dan, the Bedford Mall did house a Gap until 1994 or so. The location closed around my sophomore year of high school — I remember stocking up big time when they were liquidating their inventory!


  16. What, no love for the scary looking Chinese restaurant next to MVP? Or the Weight Watchers at the other end? Don’t forget the high class hair design academy where all they wear is black and cluster around the main entrance smoking!


  17. The mall is currently being torn down and rebuilt,
    Marshalls has moved into the former Linens & Things, Staples is building a new store, Kohl’s open a new store in former Marshalls & Staples location in October 2011.


  18. I saw this tooo. and they havent demolished much of the mall, I Went by it yesterday


  19. They have completely torn down the old MVP Sports Store and Asian Buffet.

    The Mall’s sign has been renovated with a new design.

    Key Nails has moved from the inside of the mall to the outside on the opposite of Bob’s where Weight Watchers used to be.

    Marshall’s has moved to where Linens and Things was.

    CVS moved up the Street when the movie theater left.

    Pap Gino’s closed.


  20. I remember the cinema- I fell asleep watching Hamlet in on a double date in HS, 1991. And I was just getting to the age where shopping at Anderson-Little made sense when they went belly up. There was also a dark little book store I’d spend an hour in, buying a remaindered book or two.


  21. Does anyone rmember when did Matthews Hallmark Store close? Also there was a nice store when you came into the entrance where Staples was before Marshalls, there was alittle hall with a couple of stores, one had something to do with animals but they had no live animals, I really miss the stores we had there back then… I worked at the Hallmark store from when it was Sacketts and still when it became Matthews


  22. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years at this mall. It has lots of memories for me.
    Alexanders, Fields Hosiery, Weeks, CVS, Dr Pet, Dalton Bookstore, Henri’s Hairstylist, Bedford Cinema, GAP, Papa Ginos, Thom McAnn Shoes, Montgomery Wards, Players, a small frozen yogurt franchise called Whirl a Whip where I worked my first job, and many more. Its too bad it went down hill.
    I remember my mom taking me grocery shopping at Alexanders when I was 11-12 yrs old and we would walk the mall while she shopped.


  23. Pretty comprehensive summary of the Bedford Mall here. The north end of the plaza had a state liquor store; when Alexander’s moved to the new Bedford Grove plaza, the liquor store moved as well. The Alexander’s slot was filled by a large drugstore called Drug Emporium before MVP moved in. Can’t forget others like Anderson-Little (a career-apparel store whose slot was consumed by an expansion to the theater), Paperback Booksmith (probably run out of business by the shiny B&N in Manchester), and novelty shops like the plush-toy store and Belly Up (a t-shirt shop that indeed did go belly-up). Outback Steakhouse built an outbuilding by the main road sometime in 1994-1996; I wonder if that generated some walk-ins while people were waiting 90 minutes for a seat.

    The only thing you missed was the cinema. Originally four screens, they expanded sometime in the late ’90s, consuming some unused retail space to have six or seven screens total. I believe it went through General, Canad, and then Hoyts Cinema before Regal took over at the end. They closed the theater sometime around 2007; it was hopelessly outdated compared to the new stadium/digital theaters not too far away. That theater probably kept Papa Gino’s and CVS (right next door, so the ideal pre-movie candy stop) alive through most of the 2000s, plus drew some walk-in traffic. Once the theater closed, that parking lot was empty.

    I’d heard that in its later years, the mall’s management company was charging a premium for available real estate in what was quickly becoming a dead mall. I remember when the parking lot was packed around Christmastime, when there were long lines to see Santa, when the movie theater was busy as could be. Then, the anchors started to go away. The MVP/Decathlon parcel sat empty for almost 10 years. The movie theater closed, and CVS built a much larger location across the street. Linens ‘n’ Things went out of business.

    As of this June, the Bedford Mall has been converted into more of a power center layout. At the north end of the property are a new pet-food store, and a second new building anchored by Staples with three more suites. The northern half of the mall is now a Kohl’s store. The southern half of the plaza remains anchored by Bob’s Stores and Marshall’s, who moved into the old LNT slot; Bob’s now has a proper sign to match the chain. Between there is Michael’s School of Hair Design, which took up lots of inside space; I haven’t explored inside yet, but I’m told there was a plan to include some sort of inside food court incorporating the former insides of the mall. There are still some smaller empty suites between Kohl’s and Marshall’s, and one larger spot was taken recently by a Fresh Market natural-food store. They’re building another outbuilding to the south end of the lot, where the cinema marquee used to stand; I’d heard rumors that it could be a drive-through coffee shop, but it seems awfully large for a Starbucks. I suppose time will tell!


  24. The Starbucks will be on the North end of that new building in the parking lot, and there is space for up to 3 other tenants from the looks of it. Starbucks was going into one of the strip portions but all new Starbucks they try and put drive-thrus in. I remember the hotel in between Macy’s and Bob’s. It has a For Sale sign. Any thoughts on that space?


    Jeff Reply:

    @Jeff P Nichols, the hotel property was the subject of rumors for some time. The last I can confirm it was in business was in the fall of 2007, when some of the political candidates stayed there during the primary. (To be fair, it had been a good rallying point for campaigns for years; I remember my dad bringing us to WRKO talk-radio broadcasts during the ’96 elections, broadcast right from the conference rooms.)

    The initial talk was that Whole Foods could be the focal point of a new development replacing the run-down hotel. At the time, the Bedford Mall plans were still in flux, I think Kohl’s was looking at a parcel across the street behind the former Caldor plaza, and there had even been discussion of a Market Basket or Trader Joe’s occupying the north unit where Alexander’s had been. Those talks are alluded to above, in the original post, though nothing seemed to come of them.

    The other big rumor involved the relocation of C.R. Sparks, the restaurant and banquet hall across from the mall on Kilton Road. Sometime in ’08 or ’09, the owner entered into an agreement to sell the land to Group 1 Automotive, for the construction of an Ira dealership (most likely Lexus, as it fits the Bedford profile). As operations wound down, the owner was interviewed by one of the local papers, and mentioned that he wouldn’t be averse to finding a new home for C.R. Sparks and The Event Center (the name of the banquet hall operations). It was suggested that he might look into buying out the convention center buildings from the hotel, refurbishing them to reopen The Event Center.

    Since then, C.R. Sparks was leveled, the new Ira Lexus dealership has opened in its place, and while the owner is still in the restaurant business in Manchester, nothing has been said of C.R. Sparks or The Event Center since then.

    Redeveloping could be a trick, too. The property is sort of landlocked; the only right-of-way to the hotel is either from the north at the back of the Bedford Mall, or from the south through the rather-unused Macy’s parking lot. There’s no curb-cut right out to Route 3, at least the way the property is laid out now. And at the rear of the lot, by the convention center, there’s some kind of waterfall/duck pond that would probably be an obstacle to leveling the site and putting a grocery store in its place. Never mind what Bedford would say about the aesthetics of such a development.


  25. Check out the New England Real Estate Journal’s blog on the Bedford Mall:

    This site has lots of talk about people’s recollections and story outlines as the reconstruction took place.

    That mall went though a lot in the past and, having been involved with the property for 10 Years Strait, I can verify that all that is said is accurate.


  26. When they rejuvenated this mall it sure had a change in its layout. It is now more of a strip mall with more Businesses yet to come to the site. When tearing it down you could read label scars from its interior like Talbots and Bradlee’s. Staples is now in its own complex now along with JoS. A Bank which is a store of men’s apperal. Outback Steakhouse’s and Citizens Bank’s complexes are still as the were in the parking lot. Nonetheless, security seems to be tight at all those stores having heard so much about arrested fellons. Once that movie theater closed, the Bedford Mall went dead.
    Remember that Regal Cinemas? Boy was it dirty on its concrete flooring and old school was its film formats. Now with a dead mall, people no longer go in there for an exercise walk. As for the Wayfarer Inn, it has been closed for more than a year since mid-2011. Go by it and you will see graffiti aon nd holes in it’s sidings. Reading the town’s local paper, I found that 4 youngsters were caught stealing copper piping from it. As for Macy’s it may be great if its property were to be connected to that of the Bedford Mall.
    Redoing the intersection accross the street has indeed brought business and easier traffic flow to both Bedford Mall’s and Macy’s parking lots. This is the intersection of routes NH101 and US3. Currently, they are rebuilding the overpass of US Route 3 and the Everette Turnpike. Also, they are constructing a Market Basket on NH114 and New Boston Road where Bedfors Golfland formerly was. Also, I read in this week’s paper that redevelopment of Second Street’ (just up the street by the Mobil station at the Bedford/Manchester line) may be redone for faster traffic flow.

    So all this roadwork seems to take place because elsewise traffic may intensify and get too backed with such a Live and Active (and No Longer Dead) Bedford Mall.
    The Bedford Mall’s street sign and highway signage have been redesigned and newly constructed. By the former Wayfarer Inn where it crosses the Baboosic Brook, locals do not want construction projects to affect it, so if it were to be demolished, that part may be kept there.
    My World War 1 neighbor tells me that as a child, the land below the Bedford Mall and Macy’s was once swamp land. It was turned into an airport runway used by the U.S Air Force during World War I. And then build into what is there today
    Great Job Bedford on redoing your mall. Keep with it and it will come along for sure.


  27. @Jeff P Nichols,

    Late last year I remember read in the Bedford Journal and Heard the same on AM610 that there were two troubling youths who were taken in to custody after breaking into the hotel. They were stealing copper pipes from the heating system and plumbing so they could sell it on the Web. Copper goes for big bucks these days.

    Also, when driving by at night, I can see lights on and sometimes even flickering. Look at the roof near the road and you”ll notice that the latch to its attic is up. I”ll bet those kids and some homeless individuals get in there that way.

    Also, there is spray paint grafiti noticable on the north-side of the convention center. It’s siding there is torn off and there is fencing around the whole complex!


  28. I have been involved with this lot for more than 10 years now. Everytime I discuss the Rejuvinization history of the Bedford Mall with those who I meet, I am always told how much the newly made, FORMERLY DEAD, Bedford Mall has impacted their lives as Middle-Age citizens of Bedford during their years of youth. I recall discussing their recollections of the parking lot’s unappealingness before it was torn up to make way for a new drainage system and how the new fence on the northern end of the property has kept loud noises out of and brought more property value to their homes.

    -Bedford Mall/Macy’s Connection-
    If the Wayfarer Inn’s property is torn up for a connected complex, then the John Goffe Mill site would still need to be restored so remember construction team to build a ceiling over it.
    -Personal Recommendations on What Should Go There-
    Vintage Video Game Shop
    Sport Cards And Comics Shop
    More Trees
    Coin Dealer
    Pawn Shop
    -Job Readings from Local Media –
    Bedford Journal and Bedford Bulletin:
    -When Kohl’s Opened, 1,500 people applied for Jobs there and all they had was just 150 Openings. People were walking into and out of that complex ever 3 minutes of the day to get a job.
    -Parking Issues are now fixed. At one time Kohl’s employees parked in front of other complexes, but now they park North of the main complex.
    -There are no longer trucks parking on the lot over night; now they use Macy’s lot.
    -Bedford has an overpass being constructed on US3 were it crosses the Everette Turnpike. This will allow people to travel faster and safer to the Bedford Mall.
    -Michael’s School of Hair and Nail Designs once had a temporary hanging sign above its entrance prior to its now permanent white, back-lit sign. They successfully stayed in their location during the entire rejuvination of the Bedford Mall while they were constructed around.
    -On NH101 between Wallace Road and NH114 the papers mention that they plan on building a middle turning lane with 2 to 3 South and North Bound Lanes. Traffic gets blocked up big-time due to Rush Hour when people leave the Bedford Mall and other nearby plazas.
    -Due to the new construction of a Market Basket in bedford at the NH114 and New Boston Rd intersection, local newspapers state that heavy traffic likely to compile around 293, Wallace Rd, and NewBoston Rd. So, to prevent traffic for new constructions like the Bedford Mall, they are redeveloping that to 2 lanes.

    Union Leader:
    -3 Teens were caught spray-painting the new NH101/US3/Daniel Webster Highway overpass.
    -Fresh Market had 90 positions provided when opening and hiring occurred only within days before it opened.
    -All tenants of the Bedford Mall are working together to nab shoplifters. These people are all caught on camera and are reported. Keep up the great work Bedford Mall Team!
    -Fresh Market is all about natural food and bakery products. Construction of Fresh Market and its opening in June Last year (2012) had little debate over its financial impact on local food retailers. This is unlike the current undergoing of construction of Market Basket in Bedford at the NH114/New Boston Road Intersection(where Bedford Gold Land used to be).

    -Local Food Retailer Competitors for Market Basket:
    –Stop & Shop: on US3 accross from Bedford Mall
    –Stop & Shop: on NH28 (S. Willow Street)
    –Hannaford: on US3 up the street from Bedford Mall
    –Hannaford: on NH101 Past Wallace Road
    –Harvest Market: on NH101 (formerly named Vista Foods)

    -Personal Noticed Bedford Mall Construction Notes-
    —Some store signs are crooked and are leaning over
    —The Bedford Mall is no longer an indoor mall; it is now a srip mall
    —Once the Royal Cinema movie theater closed the mall went dead
    —Papa Gino’s closed
    —CVS relocated up the street by VIP Auto Parts
    —Kobra Kahn’s Martial Arts Academy relocated down the street across from Macy’s
    —MVP Sports changed its name to Decathlon and closed soon after and was torn down to make way for the new Kohl’s
    —Key Nails relocated to the South-end of the Mall where Weight Watchers was
    —Staples relocated into a new complex on the North side of the lot
    —Marshals relocated next to Bob’s where Linens and Things formerly was
    —Constructors tore down everything remaining to the North of the New Marshals
    —All front door finishings of the entrances to the major tenants were redesigned and rebuilt for a strait forward and appealing look
    —Pet’s Supply Plus is in its own complex on the North-West corner of the lot
    —Starbucks, Fresh Market, Chopotle Mexican-Grill, and Outback Steakhouse are the major food and drink companies on the lot.
    —Wi-Fi hotspots are emerging – Starbucks has opened its Wi-Fi Hotspot to all its customers
    —The Mall’s entrance peaks have wind vanes on them
    —JoS. A. Bank is opened on the opposite end as Staples of the Staples Complex. Joseph A. Bank sells mens’ Apparel and it’s indeed well noticable when traveling by.
    —Take a look at the Mall’s sign: all it name plates are full


  29. The Market Basket on 114 opened just last week on May 9, 2013. Bedford had to reconstruct its intersection there, now with 4 lanes on the Northbound Side and 1 lane on the Southbound Side. Traffic is flowing more frequent at that intersection allowing for a long minutes’ wait for the 114 lights to turn back to red.

    Having read all the papers, you can see how much Market Basket’s competitors are bugged by its construction, let alone its new opening last week. Hannaford’s of Bedford on Rte. 3 infront of Wal-Mart sued Market Basket, but the State Supreme Court of NH said that Hanaford’s claim that this could have a negative financial Iimpact is implausible.

    Will this Have an Impact on The Bedford Mall? I DON’T I GUESS WE’LL JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!

    Like you mentioned above, they are building a new bridge down the street where Rte. 3 OVERCROSSES the turnpike. Take a look everyone…The new overpass is complete opened to traffic 24/7. What they are doing.right now seems to be destructing the old bridge. Its beams have been removed and all it looks like they have left is to remove the concrete structure.


  30. This mall has been big-boxed. Staples has moved to a newly built location across the parking lot.

    The adjacent Wayfarer inn and convention center still sits abandoned and poorly secured. This was once one of the most notable hotels in the area. A Jordan Mash era Macy’s is on the other side.


    Last Month, when a storm hit the area, I was driving towards Merrimack from Bedford on the old Route 3, just a quarter mile up the street from the new overpass construction site…

    …and just when I said, “HMM….GEE…I wonder what it would look like if a huge lightning bolt struck that crane,” a bolt struck the tip of the blue and white crane and I just broke up in “laughing-mode” thinking I jinxed the the crane.

    But boy was that a hit!

    I wonder if the construction team ever found out about the lightning strike!

    Anyways Traffic flows great over here at these here Market Basket; I like the 4 lane decision on NH Rte. 114 South. I think that the new Market Basked Built at the 114/New Boston Rd. intersection should have a Logo on the West edge of its South-West Corner.

    I did see a few construction hat-wearing dudes walking about an empty lot of the Staples annex. So more construction is indeed likely to happen.


  32. A few personal notes on local Grocery Store closings and their impact on Bedford Mall Traffic:

    I heard this today on AM610: Stop & Shop is closing ALL6 of its stores in New Hampshire . Point Being; the Stop & Shop in Bedford is just across the street from the Bedford Mall. Traffic vilume to the Bedford Mall lot may lesses until something comes.

    Stop & Shop there demolished the old Caldor that was there. I sure miss the old Caldor that orinally existed there! I would always buy my Sega and Nintendo brand Video Games of the day there for the right prices. And Stop & Shop is closing its Manchester store that they constructed via taking the place of the Bradlees by demoloshing it.

    And the same goes for Shaws that are local to the Bedford Mall – 6 closing total just like Stop & Shop.

    Look at the Parking Lot of the Bedford Mall.- it’s always so full these days.

    I have heard some rumors about a bagel shop gong in one of the units of the Staples Annex.

    Driving by the old Wayfarer Inn, you can see a door open at the north wast corner of the dead mall. Are people breaking in there?




    You’re right! ALL 6 Stop & Shop Stores and All 6 Shaws are already closed/going to be closed. People will no longer be stopping there to pick up items that they have always been able to purchase at Bedford Mall’s shops. Stores at the Bedford Mall sell items from Office Supplies, Food, Stamps, Clothing, & Coffee.

    I gotta say that the Stop & Shop across from the Bedford Mall has been closed down from here on out. And…This applies to 6 ALL Stop & Shops of New Hampshire. The Bedford Journal mentions un-employment benefits are to be offered to some, if not most of those layed off.

    As for Shaws, walk inside today and you will see they’re down to their 10 final days of business at these 6 NH stores. I went inside the Shaws today in Goffstown – the next town over from Bedford’s Bedford Mall – and I saw new tags in there with today’s date on them. They use Unions, so that must be why it takes so long, unlike Stop & Shop taking only days to close. The Bedford Journal also mentions that un-employment benefits are to be offered to some, if not most of those layed off from shaws.

    It’s so busy at the mall these days and the parking lots are oh-so full. The parking lots are always clean, and security is tight at the lot – with police around and about for safety. It sure makes me feel safe and more secure than ever. Staples’ HOOKSETT STORE is closing on the first of next month (09/01/13).


  34. Anyone notice the grocery shop chain across the street is gone? They closed all 6 of those by that name in NH and now that the Bedford Mall has empty retail space accross the street, the Bread Bakery and Starbuck’s are going to become high end for food. The other chain next to Planet Fitness in Goffstown has closed along with 4 others by its name in Greater Manchester.

    There are two shops going into the Staples Complex, right in between Staples and Joseph A. Bank. One is a Payless Shoe Source.

    The parking lot is all paved these days with lots of busy-ness! The paper reads that trucks are no longer allowed to park overnight and that you can no longer place signs on telephone poles; you must buy a sign that sticks into the ground! So if the fair comes to the Parking Lot again… where are they gonna place the signs???

    And the trees finally no longer have sticks holding them upright. It’s a little hard to read the Bedforn Mall’s sign from I-293, but once the leave are gone, I can always view it like a charm.

    The trask cans are never apearing to be over-full. When entering the parking lot from So. River Rd., there is no stop sign, so all those coming out have one. There’s a huge Air Conditioning Unit behind the mall! Must be a big piece of trash awaiting for the dump.


  35. I read in Last Weeks’s Paper that Bedford Mall’s Next Door Neighbor – Wayferer Inn – is planned to be demolished. It says it has been closed for 8 years.

    Monday, November 18th, is the date for proposals to be make to the Bedford Planning Board. They are proposing a 4-Story apartment complex, 2 restaurants, and a retail suite.

    The Way I think should it should go is to build more Box Stores and connect them to the Bedford Mall to make it larger and bring more business to Bedford. Connect these box stores to the Macy’s Lot.

    The worrisome part is that the part of the hotel that over passes the Mill Part of the brook may be destined for destruction.


  36. Bedford Planning Board Meeting Minutes data:

    Here are some great URL’s containing Background Information & Project Statistics on both the Bedford Mall and it’s southern neighboring site – The Wayfarer Inn. Find superior updates on where the redevelopment stands/stood for these projects.



    Go to Page 8.

    Open this URL to view the project’s proposal made way back when on April 19, 2010. Here you will see the Bedford Mall’s history mentioned at the time and you will see lots about the proposal made then. Compare this to how this mall’s layout today appears to how it was mentioned-to-be way back in the Spring of ’10.

    THE URL:


    Wayfarer Inn:

    Go to page 17.

    See lots here on the proposal of the Wayfarer Inn. It holds that the plan for the property is for it to have retail, apartment, office and restaurant uses. Traffic would enter through the Macy’s Parking Lot. Utility work is preferred. If you read, it contains a major conceptual review of the site’s plan:

    THE URL:


    Road Development – These should bring traffic to the MALL quicker and sooner.

    —There is redevelopment up the road on Exit 4 of I-293 Exit. There are 5 Red-Listed Bridges there

    — There is redevelopment planned to Widen NH 101 to 5 lanes from NH 114 to Wallace Road. They want to have a middle turning lane and two lanes on the East and West bound sides of NH 101.


  37. Here are some great links to the Bedford Mall’s Layout:

    Here is the TO BE layout of Pre-Construction:

    LAY OUT – SUMMER 2013:
    Here is the CURRENT layout of today’s construction:
    —-Look on the right-hand side of this PDF document and you will see a list of Tenant Data (Who’s where).


    LOCATION MAP:,+NH&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.564064,58.623047&ie=UTF8&ll=42.959972,-71.479111&spn=0.007114,0.014312&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1


    Bruce Willis appeared as the one who owned and operated Bedford Sports Collectables in the Bedford Mall. He now owns and operates Cobra Kahn’s Martial Arts Academy down the street in Manchester by Second Street.

    Belly Up was a store in the Bedford Mall, next to Bedford Sports Collectables. It sold things like those you find a Spencer Gift’s in the Mall of NH. Belly Up went Belly Up itself went it closed. They always sold Nine Inch Nails shirts there – and that was the band McKelvie Middle School kids loved at my time.

    Traffic was a mess years ago across the street from Macy’s onto and off of NH 101 and US Rte. 3. But today, it’s so nasty up the highway at the Route 101 and 114 intersection, that getting back on the highway is always a trouble during rush hour when departing from or for the Bedford Mall. Construction is going to take place to make 101 five lanes – two in each direction with 1 middle turning lane – or so rumor has it.


  38. The Bedford Mall’ll be getting new neighbors and lots of more traffic soon! Thank that to the Bedford Planning Board! Lots more business is likely to come.

    Been reading up on and spinning by the Wayferer Inn these days? Word is, as stated in the Bedford Bulletin, the Wayfarer Inn is to be demolished and taken upon by new land owners for development.

    The Bedford Planning Board has approved for this to take place. Here is what’s gonna go there:

    —–4-Story Appartment Complex w/73 Units
    —–Restaurants(2 total)
    —–Retail Building (48.8K Square Feet)
    —–Bank (2.9K Square Feet)
    —–Training Space w/ a Spa (7,562 Square Feet)
    —–Whole Foods Market
    —–Subdivision (5 Lots Total)
    —–Parking Lot (for All Cutomers’ Access and Private Inn Parking)
    —–Goffe Mill Plaza (a Shopping Center)

    Lots of studying was put into place and from the looks of things, they appear to be placing a traffic officer directing cars for starters like they did with the Whole Foods in Nashua. Turning the intersection will be new so this will allow all drivers to get used to their directorial whereabouts. Signs will be constructed and placed appealingly and visible for all to see.

    Architecture-wise, they will be constructing the Whole Foods Complex in such a way that those entering the parking lot can determine the correct way of front-door entry. There’s been no word on if it will cause protesting from neighboring grocers, as that’s what happened when Market Basket was put in a little while ago.



  39. Words is it has been approved by the planning board!: Bedford Mall’s next door neighbor The Wayfarer Inn is being demolished and replaced by a 4-story apartment complex, a Whole Foods, and some other various retail shops. Not only will they be demolishing it, but they will be placing fixtures on its premises to still give it that John Goffe Mill appealing look. It ill have a late-2015 opening date.

    Staples will be downsizing its Manchester retail store footprint-size to be smaller than its Bedford Mall one.

    Its Co-Tenants are:
    1. Bob’s Stores
    2. Kohl’s,
    3. Marshalls
    4. Staples

    Its Smaller Tenants are:
    1. Chipotle Mexican Grill
    2. Citizens Bank
    3. Famous Footwear
    4. Fresh Market, The
    5. Hand & Stone
    6. Joseph A Bank
    7. Key Nails
    8. Michael’s School of Hair Design & Esthetics, Paul Mitchell Partner School
    9. Optima Bank
    10. Outback Steakhouse
    11. Pet Supply Plus
    12. Sally Beauty Supply
    13. Weight Watchers


  40. The Bedford Mall now has its store labels lit up!
    It seems they have a new achor going in to the Bedford Mall between Michael’s School and Food Market. In there, you can see a huge tube of the air duct lying from the ceiling and onto the floor. Must be an air filter or something for the new tenant. It no longer has a “For Lease” any where on its windows.

    People still pull into that Citizens Bank, so it’s gotta still be operational and not a scar in the Mall’s lot.

    They’re tearing down that od food storage facility off 101 at the So. Willow Street Exit. It is going to be Walmart Supercenter!

    The local media says that the Staples in Manchester will shrink its floor space by 13,000 Sq Feet! Is that a load or what?! There is a sign aside the Back-Lit Staples Store Sign of the Bedford Mall Staples complex (85 So. Rive Rd.) depicting that that store is now inter-opperational with USPS. The town mayor is very picky so they will probable have that removed.


  41. Just announced tonite that the Macy’s in Bedford NH will close in October 2015 and demolished for a mixed use lifestyle center:(


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