Oops, Maybe We Jumped the Gun When We Tore the Roof Off the Place…

I was reading through the latest issue of Retail Traffic yesterday and spotted an interesting article about site selection strategies, and how many of the most successful chains are opening fewer locations and accepting slower but more stable growth patterns. What really leapt out at me, however, was this nugget: “…Alternately, [Eileen F.] Mitchell (Executive […]

Labelscar Gets All Web 2.0 On You

File under: Obvious Things We Should’ve Done Awhile Ago Just today I started an official Flickr group for Labelscar members. Tons of you have photos sitting around that you want to upload somewhere. At the same time, I’m always finding tons of great stuff on Flickr. It (finally!) occurred to me that it would be […]

Can’t Please All of the People All of the Time

Whoops. After one day on the site, it became apparent pretty fast that the region-specific open discussion pages made almost no one happy. They added a ton of clutter and they’d be impossible to follow. Everyone said they’d rather have a message board (just like the ones already in existence at Groceteria, AmesFanClub, and Remembering […]

Mall Mania: American Style Shopping Goes Global

Discovery HD Theater Channel is currently running a piece called Mall Mania: American Style Shopping Goes Global, which highlights how the modern shopping mall evolved from its invention in the 1950s in the United States to spread across the world.  Each segment highlights a different country, most of which are in the developing world, and there […]


I’m a bit late to report this due to the holidays, but Labelscar received a very high-profile mention in the last issue of The Economist, which just leapt off of newsstands. Sorry about that one! It’s a pretty great article about America’s shifting love affair with the enclosed shopping mall and touches quite a bit […]

You Brought Me Draft Beer in a Plastic Cup

I hate to be *that guy,* but if you don’t mind indulging us for a second, we have a bit of an announcement to share. Labelscar is now one year old! It’s shocking to think that it’s been so long already, and perhaps even more shocking to think of how far we’ve come in just […]

We Belong Together, Like Traffic and Weather

For the past 11 years, Fountains of Wayne have been a consistent soundtrack for an awful lot of the trips that generated the material for Labelscar. That’s why I’m so excited to urge everyone to run out and buy their fourth proper album (fifth if you count their 2005 B-sides comp), Traffic and Weather, when […]

Media Frenzy!

I’m pretty excited about something that I wanted to share with Labelscar readers. We were recently featured in Retail Traffic Magazine in Mike Janssen’s article about the phenomenon of mall fan blogs, along with some of our friends such as Keith Milford at MallsofAmerica and Scott Parsons at BIGMallRat. It’s our first–and hopefully not last!–bit […]

My Lights Are Green

I believe we’re both going off on vacation for the holiday weekend, so there might not be much in the way of updates over the next few days unless one of us gets a chance to toss something up from the road. Personally, I’m headed down for a long recon trip through the Mid-Atlantic, and […]

Gursky and Wolf: Beauty in Repetition

A huge part of the mission of Labelscar is to catalog artistry in everyday things. In particular, we feel that most contemporary commercial architecture, especially suburban retail development of the late 20th century, is undervalued and underappreciated, and likely won't attract the attention it deserves until too late. This whole championing-an-obscure-cause thing means that I […]