Modernist Gas Stations

This is really neat. You can vote on your favorite one.

Brian Ulrich’s “Dark Stores, Ghostboxes, and Dead Malls”

I exchanged a few emails recently with photographer Brian Ulrich, who has been working on a Guggenheim scholarship to travel the United States and take pictures of vacant retail spaces and dead malls before they hit the wrecking ball. He has a compelling sample of his work up at his website, Not If But When, […]

Scenes From a 1990 Mall

Here’s something interesting: some 1990-vintage footage of Los Angeles malls sped up and set to music. From Joel Fletcher.

New York Times on Rethinking the Mall

The recent economic downturn has sparked a wave of retail bankruptcies, and with it press interest in the phenomenon of distressed shopping malls (as evidenced in the Wall Street Journal piece that mentioned us a few weeks ago, and a recent New York Times blog piece that did the same). Last week the New York […]

Welcome, Wall Street Journal Readers

Pretty exciting: Labelscar is featured prominently in a story about declining malls on page A1 of today’s Wall Street Journal: The gradual fade-out of marginal malls has prompted a thriving Web culture dedicated to sharing information about dead or dying properties. Sites such as, and are drawing traffic from mall employees, shoppers […]

Labelscar for iPhone & Mobile

Just wanted to let you guys know about another upgrade for Labelscar’s 3rd birthday–a new, fully functional iPhone optimized version of the site! (I’m even writing this post on my iPhone.) we think it’s pretty slick and fun for when you’re on the go. Commenting is significantly easier too.

That’s Right, Something’s Wrong

Some of you may have noticed something strange happened last night. Surprised us as much as you, since it occurred when we weren’t working on the site. However, we’ve upgraded to a new wordpress installation and it seems our customized theme doesn’t work properly anymore. I’m going to work on it this weekend so it […]

Mall Madness Continues Unabated!

I swear that I was not a teenaged girl in the ’80s (Tiffany tapes aside…) and didn’t typically make a habit of playing with dolls or anything, but I used to really want a copy of Mall Madness. Who knew they still *made* this? There were so many great board games in the ’80s that […]

Retail Spaces as Art

Part of our inspiration for originally creating Labelscar was a sense that there’s something vaguely artful (or, as CoolHunting called it, “mundanely beautiful”) about American retail development, but especially shopping malls, even moreso older ones designed by more reknown architects. Even the least notable items in retail’s discard pile have some potential artistic value, however, […]

Excuse Me, Sir! May I Ask You a Question?

First off, happy Thanksgiving from Labelscar!  As we all know, today officially ushers in the 2008 holiday shopping season, despite the fact that many stores have been sneaking up holiday decorations here and there since Halloween, or even before that. Every November and December, we get excited about the prospects of the holiday shopping season, but this one is […]