Gottschalks Sinking Fast; Filene’s Basement in Trouble

Yikes. They only just announced a Chapter 11 filing last week, but Gottschalks is on the fast track to oblivion. Inside Bay Area notes that Gottschalks needs a buyer now “or else:” Gottschalks Inc. intends to find a buyer by mid-March or it might proceed with a complete liquidation of its assets, according to court […]

Unsurprising Announcements: Say Goodbye to Circuit City, Gottschalks Teeters

As expected, 2009 is bringing a massive wave of retail bankruptcies. Today brings news of the biggest yet: Circuit City will be closing all of their stores and winding down their business between now and March 31. This will leave Best Buy as the only national electronics retailer, with only a few regional (or much […]

Macy’s Closing 11 Stores; Goody’s Says Goodbye Forever

Macy’s, like many other stores in the country, didn’t make it through the holiday season with a surplus of cash; in fact, Macy’s has emerged from the holiday season – a time when many stores report up to 50 percent of annual sales – badly beaten and in need to purge some of its stores.  […]

While the Economy Was Crumbling…

I didn’t live through the Great Depression, but none of the seniors who did told me we’d be losing all of our chain stores! Sheesh… We already know about Mervyn’s and Linens N Things, but I dropped the ball on reporting on a few others, such as: Value City: The ailing Value City Department Stores […]

Circuit City to Slash 155 Stores, Value City is Done

We called it: Circuit City is closing 155 stores, not even waiting to see if holiday sales have a chance of propping up the 700-store chain. This is a very bad sign; I’d look to see if Circuit City is one of the titans to fall in January. Consumerist has the complete list of stores […]

Oh, Merv!

Stick a fork in Mervyn’s. They’re done. In addition to Mervyn’s, Linens N Things is also going out of business. Who else do you think we’ll see in the next few months? My money is on Circuit City… Via Retail Traffic

Another Sad Day for Retail: Boscov’s Flails for Life; Dawahare’s Shutting For Good, Trouble for Goody’s and Bob’s

Whoa. just when we thought it couldn’t get much worse than Mervyn’s, one regional chain is throwing in the towel and three others are struggling badly. The big news, surrounding northeastern department store Boscov’s, is fresh from this morning: About half the major suppliers to Boscov’s, a family-held Reading, Pa.-based department store with stores across […]

The Next Domino to Fall: Mervyn’s?

Mervyn’s, a large western chain of discount clothing/housewares retailers–very similar to Kohl’s, for those of you in other parts of the country–may well be the next major bankruptcy to hit American malls: Mervyn’s LLC may be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as early as this month if the California department-store chain fails […]

Hudson’s Bay Co. bought by Lord & Taylor parent

Recently, 338-year-old Canadian retail giant Hudson’s Bay Company, which operates numerous chain nameplates such as discounter Zellers and The Bay department stores, received a takeover bid from U.S. retailer Lord & Taylor.  Already a minor shareholder in Hudson’s Bay Company, Lord & Taylor wouldn’t be the first American company to own this brand; the company is already owned by American Anita […]

Jasmine Sola: Rip Her To Shreds

There’s an interesting article in today’s Boston Globe about the impending demise of Jasmine Sola, a trendy, upscale women’s clothier that had until recently been on a meteoric rise. The story details how Jasmine Sola went from a carefully-curated boutique in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a booming regional chain known for its colorful stores and high-end […]