Simon Offers To Buy Mills Corporation

A big-name player in the ownership of retail centers may soon be getting bigger. On February 5, 2007, Simon Property Group Inc., which holds interest in some 286 retail properties, mostly enclosed malls, offered to buy beleagured rival Mills Corp. for $24 per share.  This isn’t the first offer Mills has received recently.  Just three weeks […]

New: Share Your Fitting Room with the World

  Coming soon: Share your fitting-room experience with friends, family, or anyone with Internet access.  If you’re thinking like we are, you might recall watching episodes of The Jetsons and other futuristic science fiction programs and balking at the almost surreal-like experiences related through them.  Well, possibly in the not-so-distant future, new technology will enable shoppers to send images from their […]

Filene’s Basement to Shut Boston Flagship

Today’s Boston Globe reports what was possibly an inevitable story: that the 99-year-old landmark Filene’s Basement store in Downtown Boston will shut for 1 to 2 years while the building is redeveloped. Unlike most of the tamer, modern Filene’s Basement stores that opened as part of the chain’s expansion, the original downtown Boston store is […]

Wal-Mart Installs Hitching Posts for Amish Patrons

Yes, you read correctly. Some offbeat retail news caught my eye today… A Wal-Mart Supercenter in Black River Falls, Wisconsin is installing hitching posts for the Amish so they can hitch their buggies to something other than the store’s signposts, trees, or whatever else is available. The store wants to make it easier for both […]

New Classic Sears Concept: Really Freakin’ Cool

Where’s that vintage Sears photo from, you ask? Actually, it’s brand new! According to the Gwinnett (GA) Business Journal, Sears has just unveiled yet another new prototype store at the Gwinnett Place Mall. Titled the “Duluth” model for the city in which it’s located, it’s designed to appeal directly to female and teen shoppers with […]

The Kids Are Alright

My love for all things retail goes back as far as I can remember, to when I was a kid. Much of my love of vintage mall accoutrements extends to fond memories of being a kid, going to those big, exciting malls packed with great stuff. Just being out in the world, in what were […]

K’s Merchandise Closing All Stores

Founded in 1954 in Decatur, Illinois, K’s Merchandise Mart is (or was, depending on when you read this) a hard-lines merchandise wholesaler not unlike the now-defunct Service Merchandise chain.  Like Service Merchandise, it has fallen on hard times as competition from stores which offer overlapping merchandise at competitive prices, more convenient locations, or both have flooded […]

Tower Records Going Out of Business

Long-struggling California-based Tower Records announced yesterday they will officially begin liquidation proceedings and wind down their business, closing all 89 remaining stores in 20 states. According to the Associated Press, the company was sold at auction to Great American Group for $134.3 million. Great American feels the physical assets of the company, including its remaining […]

Kohl’s Opening 65 Stores in 30 States

          On October 5, 2006, Kohl’s Department Stores embarked on the largest grand opening in its history, opening 65 stores in 30 states.  At an analysts’ convention in Tampa, they also revealed future plans for expansion.  Currently, Kohls has about 820 stores in 45 states; however, they plan to open 115 stores next year, and about […]

Hello, Macy’s!

Goodbye, Marshall Field’s.  Goodbye, Famous-Barr.  Goodbye, The Jones Store.  Goodbye, Robinsons-May.  Goodbye, Meier & Frank.  Goodbye, Foley’s.  Goodbye, Strawbridges.  Goodbye, Kaufmann’s.  Goodbye, L.S. Ayres.  Goodbye, Filene’s.  Last but certainly not least, goodbye, Hecht’s.  You all no longer exist and are all now Macy’s.  On Saturday of this past weekend, September 9, 2006, all of those brands officially became Macy’s, […]