Latham Circle Mall; Latham, New York

After a rather long dry spell (since November), I managed to get out for a day this past weekend to re-visit all of the malls in the Albany area, one of my favorite metropolitan areas for retail development within easy reach of Boston. I hadn’t actually been out to visit since 2001, so it was […]

Oakdale Mall; Johnson City (Binghamton), New York

Happy Holidays everyone! As you can see, I’ve been more than a bit busy with visiting multiple families and opening presents and cleaning houses and doing the other seasonal trappings that–despite a vacation from work–I haven’t had time to toss some malls to you guys in awhile. I visited the Binghamton area’s Oakdale Mall back […]

Arnot Mall; Horseheads (Elmira), New York

Elmira’s Arnot Mall was perhaps my favorite of the malls I visited on my recent jaunt through upstate New York. The long, twisty center had several distinctly different areas built in separate eras, including some rather irregularly-shaped courts, surprise corridors, and even a few oddly-justified anchor frontages. The Arnot Mall is located just west of […]

Carousel Center; Syracuse, New York

The main course in the Syracuse area is the Carousel Center, the Pyramid Companies‘ 1.5 million-square-foot, seven-level flagship mall built in 1990 on Syracuse’s lakefront; the mall that caused a half dozen others to close. Don’t let the Carousel Center’s relatively-modest square footage fool you: this is a very, very large mall complete with its […]

Great Northern Mall; Clay, New York

The major driving force in the de-malling of metro Syracuse was the one-two punch of the 1988 opening of Wilmorite Properties’ Great Northern Mall in Clay, one of the city’s northern suburbs, followed by the 1990 opening of the Carousel Center in Syracuse proper. Unlike the Carousel Center, however, the Great Northern Mall is a […]

Penn-Can Mall; Cicero, New York

The most tragic victim of Carousel Center’s wrath is the Penn-Can Mall, located in the Syracuse suburb of Cicero. Once one of the largest and most successful malls in New York, the Penn-Can Mall opened in 1976 as the first enclosed mall in Syracuse’s northern suburbs. Named for its location halfway between Pennsylvania and Canada […]

Shoppingtown Mall; DeWitt, New York

The Syracuse area may be dominated by one very large mall, but there are two other substantially-sized malls that are still operating in the metropolitan area, and the Shoppingtown Mall (which has no relation to Westfield’s “Shoppingtown” malls) is the area’s second largest mall, with just over 1 million square feet. Serving Syracuse’s eastern suburbs, […]

Syracuse: An Interesting Case Study

I’ve been a bit slow on the posting lately, in part because of a road trip this weekend to central New York. Syracuse is one of the closest metropolitan areas to Boston that I hadn’t yet visited (it’s about a five hour drive) and it was the only major metropolitan area in New York State […]

The Mall at the World Trade Center; New York, New York

  Exactly five years ago today, almost 3,000 people died in the worst terrorist attack in America’s history.  People around the world today will remember where they were and how profoundly affected they were when they heard the news that the U.S. had been attacked by such a magnitude.  The ramifications of 9/11 have without a […]

Midtown Plaza; Rochester, New York

The Midtown Plaza in Rochester, New York is one of the best-preserved old shopping malls that I’ve visited. It’s also one of the oldest enclosed downtown shopping malls in the United States. Perhaps one of the stranger bits of trivia about the Midtown Plaza is that it is often–erroneously–referred to as the nation’s first enclosed […]