Walt Whitman Mall; Huntington Station, New York

Longtime readers of Labelscar (or any other mall/retail history website, frankly) will notice we hold a distinct bias against a lot of the most successful shopping malls. Of course the obvious question is “Why?”–if these malls do well, and we like malls, why don’t we cheer for them as much as the others? It’s not […]

Crossgates Mall; Guilderland, New York

Awhile back in our roundup of Albany Malls I never got around to discussing the main event, the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland. Part of this is because despite its size, Crossgates is relatively typical of a Pyramid Cos.-developed mall of its vintage. (For an example, look no further than the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, […]

The Shops at Ithaca Mall (Pyramid Mall)/Triphammer Mall; Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, New York is a small college city located in upstate/western New York, about an hour and a half southwest of Syracuse. With a permanent population of only about 30,000 residents, Ithaca itself is relatively small, but the presence of two large universities–Cornell University and Ithaca College–means that there’s a constant parade of new residents […]

Rotterdam Square; Rotterdam (Schenectady), New York

The western flank of the Capital Region of New York is home to two enclosed malls, and originally there was three. Of these, one is the tiny–and not really functional–Amsterdam Mall in Amsterdam, in an area that resides somewhat outside of the metropolitan area. There were two other malls serving the Schenectady area: the Mohawk […]

Wilton Mall; Wilton (Saratoga Springs), New York

To finish out the northern stretch of Albany malls, I offer to you the Wilton Mall at Saratoga (commonly referred to simply as the Wilton Mall), the largest and newest of the malls stretching along the Northway from Albany. Of course, as you’ll see from these photos, I encountered the worst enemy of every mall […]

Aviation Mall; Queensbury (Glens Falls), New York

The city of Glens Falls, New York is only arguably within the Capital Region metropolitan area at all, given that its 40 minutes or so to the north of Albany. However, something about the entire area has always felt contiguous to me, which is why I included the Aviation Mall within the Albany malls case […]

Colonie Center; Colonie, New York

Anyone who’s been paying attention–and that likely includes most of the regular readers of this here blog–knows that malls aren’t actually in trouble. Sure, a good many individual malls are in trouble, and far more are closing than opening. But the species itself isn’t troubled; it’s just that why people go to malls has changed. […]

The End of South Street Seaport? New York City Mall May Be Demolished

Since 1983, the South Street Seaport has been one of the country’s most famous “festival marketplace” style shopping malls. Built as part of a craze to introduce suburban style shopping hubs in the center of cities, festival marketplaces were designed to try and stop the loss of shoppers to the suburbs and revitalize struggling cities […]

Clifton Park Center (Clifton Country Mall); Clifton, New York

Perhaps the most disappointing find on my recent trip out to Albany was the current state of the Clifton Park Center, long one of my favorite malls in the area. It’s sadly fallen prey to the “lifestyleing” disease. Seriously, what does such a halfhearted, faux-Main Street set up really offer, anyway? I first visited Clifton […]

Case Study: The Capital Region of New York

The Capital Region of New York, with a metropolitan area population of around 800,000, has an awful lot of enclosed shopping malls. There was 11 at one point, but there’s fewer than that now. It also has a big Pyramid mall that brought on the decline or closure of several of them. Let me explain. […]