Machesney Park Mall; Machesney Park, Illinois

Everyone carries pieces of nostalgia with them from childhood.  They’re personal memories we can look back and reflect upon, and they generally make us feel warm inside and even give us a sense of pride.  They evoke feelings of ‘way back when’ when things were indeed simpler for us.  We didn’t have to worry about paying bills […]

Woodfield Mall; Schaumburg, Illinois

This is it. In addition to being the largest mall in the Chicagoland area and one of the largest malls in the world, Woodfield Mall is the focal point of Chicago’s expansive northwest suburbs and has been an impetus for growth in the region since it opened 35 years ago in 1971. It is the […]

Randhurst Mall; Mount Prospect, Illinois

Located in a middle class northwest suburb of Chicago called Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Randhurst Mall opened in 1962 to great fanfare.  It had a major significance in the Chicagoland area in that it was the very first major enclosed suburban shopping mall in the region whereas today there are well over 30 suburban enclosed malls in the Chicago area.  Its original […]

North Towne Mall; Rockford, Illinois

North Towne Mall was a hybrid enclosed-strip mall located at the corner of W. Riverside Blvd. and N Main St. on the north side of Rockford, Illinois.  It opened in 1956 and at some point either a portion or the entire center was enclosed.  Its main anchor was the Rockford-based department store Charles V. Weise and Company, which most people called […]

Pekin Mall (East Court Village); Pekin, Illinois

This is one that started it all for us. During 1998 and 1999, Caldor and I took road trips on many weekends throughout the upper midwest. It started out by exploring various cities, often driving around aimlessly. Eventually we wanted to get out and stretch our legs, so we’d look for public places we could […]

Skokie Turn/Style

Someone on the Remembering_Retail list brought this great photo to our attention recently. I love vintage shots of strip roadways, and my dining room wall is even adorned with a large photo of Route 66 in Albequerque, New Mexico in 1969, purchased from IKEA (of all places!) What’s worth noting here is the large Turn/Style […]

Dixie Square Mall; Harvey, Illinois

When you look at a city, you’re viewing a kind of publication – a publication written on the landscape in the form of buildings, roadways, parks, and much more. Although these publications in the landscape are not like the ones you can experience in books or newspapers, they can still be read. In their reading, […]