Dead Malls

More dead malls from around the United States and Canada.

Beloit Mall (Eclipse Center); Beloit, Wisconsin

Located in south central Wisconsin along the Illinois state line, Beloit is a hearty, working class city of almost 40,000 residents, with a historic past.  Located approximately 15 miles south of Janesville, the county seat of Rock County, and 15 miles north of Rockford, Illinois, Beloit has long been known for its roots in manufacturing and […]

Scottsdale Mall (Erskine Village); South Bend, Indiana

Located in north central Indiana about 90 miles east of Chicago, South Bend, Indiana is home to the legendary Notre Dame University and for almost a hundred years was also the home of the Studebaker auto empire.  In addition, South Bend is the anchor of the entire Michiana region, a 7-county area of north central Indiana and southwest Michigan containing […]

Manchester Center; Fresno, California

Manchester Center in Fresno, California

Before I get too histrionic, this is why I found Manchester Center in Fresno, California to be such a treat. It had been at least five years since I had discovered a mall quite like this one, and it was a shock to find such a creepy time capsule still completely open and accessible.

Park Lane Mall; Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is the second largest city in Nevada, with a population of about 210,000 people and a metropolitan population of about 450,000 (including Carson City).  It is not only the second largest urban area in the state of Nevada, but the only significant population center in the state other than Las Vegas, which is over […]

Phoenix Village Mall; Fort Smith, Arkansas

It’s rare that we encounter a shopping mall in such a terrible condition as this one.  We were headed south in March 2008 and enroute we discovered the gem of Phoenix Village Mall.  Opened in 1970, Phoenix Village Mall was not only the first mall in Fort Smith but also the first in all of Arkansas.  Unfortunately, though, […]

Cupertino Square (Vallco Fashion Park); Cupertino, California

Cupertino Square, formerly Vallco Fashion Park, in Cupertino, CaliforniaCupertino Square (the former “Vallco Fashion Park”) has a more tangled and bizarre tale than many of the malls of the San Francisco Bay Area, and today seems to be mired in a never-ending renovation and revitalization that bears few fruits. While some progress has been made to date–such as the opening of all of the above attractions–the mall seems to be frozen in amber, unable to move forward on the promise of renewal. The entire first floor of the mall is mysteriously shuttered, the food court has been closed and under construction for over a year, and little seems to ever change. The large pylon facing I-280 still displays the “Vallco Fashion Park” name, even as all other signage for the mall has been updated to reflect the new name and logo.

Lincoln Mall; Freeport, Illinois

So here we have possibly one of the smallest, worse-for-wear malls this side of the mighty Mississippi.  We’re actually surprised it’s still open for business at all; in fact, a website trying to sell Lincoln Mall indicates it has been “recently de-malled” and “recently rehabbed”.  In fact, the whole thing can be yours for the low, low price of $3.5 […]

ZCMI Center and Crossroads Center; Salt Lake City, Utah

Downtown Salt Lake City used to have two enclosed malls located just blocks apart–the ZCMI Center and the Crossroads Center. Both were torn down a couple years ago to make room for more new downtown development, and another (outdoor) downtown mall, The Gateway, has mostly taken their place. The ZCMI Center opened in 1975, and […]

Tarrytown Mall; Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Rocky Mount is a city in eastern North Carolina, about 45 minutes east of Raleigh, and contains about 70,000 residents.  Rocky Mount is known for being home of the first restaurant which would become the Hardee’s chain.  It is also strategically located on I-95.  In September 1999 Hurricane Floyd swept through Rocky Mount and caused major […]

Universal Mall; Warren, Michigan

  Warren, Michigan, Detroit’s largest suburb by population, is located directly north of the city of Detroit in Macomb County.  As a result of the post-war industrial boom, Warren grew explosively from World War II into the 1970s, while the manufacturing industry around Detroit reached its peak.  People moved en masse from the city to these inner-core […]