The Malls of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: Park Place Mall, Centre Village Mall, Lethbridge Centre

With a population of 85,000, Lethbridge is the largest city in southern Alberta and the fourth largest city in the province. Lethbridge is located 130 miles (210 km) southeast of Calgary, and 60 miles (100 km) north of the American border and Montana. With an economy historically tied to agriculture and coal mining, the Lethbridge of today is a regional financial, education, commercial, and transportation hub. Most of Lethbridge’s retail is shared between the three malls located in and around downtown and along Mayor Magrath Road (AB Route 4) on the southeast side of town.

Peach Tree Mall (Feather River Center); Linda/Marysville, California

The Feather River Center is located just southeast of downtown Marysville, in the unincorporated community of Linda. Originally constructed in 1972 to serve the rural Yuba-Sutter metropolitan area an hour north of Sacramento, the 400,000 square foot center was dubbed simply “The Mall” at the time and is to this day the only major retail […]