Park Lane Mall; Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is the second largest city in Nevada, with a population of about 210,000 people and a metropolitan population of about 450,000 (including Carson City).  It is not only the second largest urban area in the state of Nevada, but the only significant population center in the state other than Las Vegas, which is over […]

Golf Mill Shopping Center; Niles, Illinois

  Niles, Illinois is an inner-ring suburb of Chicago located about 15 miles from the Loop.  With nearly 30,000 residents, Niles is a typical inner-ring suburb with a large post-war housing stock and lots of mid-mod artifacts as well as the rather kitschy replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, built in 1934.  The main commercial street in Niles is Milwaukee Avenue, […]

Mall Madness Continues Unabated!

I swear that I was not a teenaged girl in the ’80s (Tiffany tapes aside…) and didn’t typically make a habit of playing with dolls or anything, but I used to really want a copy of Mall Madness. Who knew they still *made* this? There were so many great board games in the ’80s that […]

Retail Spaces as Art

Part of our inspiration for originally creating Labelscar was a sense that there’s something vaguely artful (or, as CoolHunting called it, “mundanely beautiful”) about American retail development, but especially shopping malls, even moreso older ones designed by more reknown architects. Even the least notable items in retail’s discard pile have some potential artistic value, however, […]

North Shore Square; Slidell, Louisiana

Jamie from Louisiana was responsible for sending us a day-glo set of pics and some information about the Hammond Square Mall back in, geez, early 2007. While not quite as day-glo, the newest set that he’s sent along–for North Shore Square in Slidell, Louisiana–also sports a similar phosphorescent hue. What’s up with your malls down […]

Vintage Faire Mall; Modesto, California

The Vintage Faire Mall is the largest enclosed shopping center between Sacramento and Fresno in California’s central valley, and the only enclosed mall serving the city of Modesto. Located at Standiford Avenue and Highway 99 in the Northwestern corner of the city, the mall has two levels of shopping and five anchor stores spread across a little over a million square feet of space.