Excuse Me, Sir! May I Ask You a Question?

First off, happy Thanksgiving from Labelscar!  As we all know, today officially ushers in the 2008 holiday shopping season, despite the fact that many stores have been sneaking up holiday decorations here and there since Halloween, or even before that. Every November and December, we get excited about the prospects of the holiday shopping season, but this one is […]

Phoenix Village Mall; Fort Smith, Arkansas

It’s rare that we encounter a shopping mall in such a terrible condition as this one.  We were headed south in March 2008 and enroute we discovered the gem of Phoenix Village Mall.  Opened in 1970, Phoenix Village Mall was not only the first mall in Fort Smith but also the first in all of Arkansas.  Unfortunately, though, […]

Orange Park Mall; Orange Park, Florida

The Jacksonville region, also known as Florida’s First Coast, is home to over one million people and the anchor city for a large geographic area in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.  The region is not only the coastal gateway to the state of Florida, but also a tourist destination known for its sandy beaches, warm climate, and numerous cultural amenities.  In addition, […]

Oops, Maybe We Jumped the Gun When We Tore the Roof Off the Place…

I was reading through the latest issue of Retail Traffic yesterday and spotted an interesting article about site selection strategies, and how many of the most successful chains are opening fewer locations and accepting slower but more stable growth patterns. What really leapt out at me, however, was this nugget: “…Alternately, [Eileen F.] Mitchell (Executive […]

While the Economy Was Crumbling…

I didn’t live through the Great Depression, but none of the seniors who did told me we’d be losing all of our chain stores! Sheesh… We already know about Mervyn’s and Linens N Things, but I dropped the ball on reporting on a few others, such as: Value City: The ailing Value City Department Stores […]

Circuit City to Slash 155 Stores, Value City is Done

We called it: Circuit City is closing 155 stores, not even waiting to see if holiday sales have a chance of propping up the 700-store chain. This is a very bad sign; I’d look to see if Circuit City is one of the titans to fall in January. Consumerist has the complete list of stores […]

Cupertino Square (Vallco Fashion Park); Cupertino, California

Cupertino Square, formerly Vallco Fashion Park, in Cupertino, CaliforniaCupertino Square (the former “Vallco Fashion Park”) has a more tangled and bizarre tale than many of the malls of the San Francisco Bay Area, and today seems to be mired in a never-ending renovation and revitalization that bears few fruits. While some progress has been made to date–such as the opening of all of the above attractions–the mall seems to be frozen in amber, unable to move forward on the promise of renewal. The entire first floor of the mall is mysteriously shuttered, the food court has been closed and under construction for over a year, and little seems to ever change. The large pylon facing I-280 still displays the “Vallco Fashion Park” name, even as all other signage for the mall has been updated to reflect the new name and logo.