Oh, Merv!

Stick a fork in Mervyn’s. They’re done. In addition to Mervyn’s, Linens N Things is also going out of business. Who else do you think we’ll see in the next few months? My money is on Circuit City… Via Retail Traffic

Labelscar Gets All Web 2.0 On You

File under: Obvious Things We Should’ve Done Awhile Ago Just today I started an official Flickr group for Labelscar members. Tons of you have photos sitting around that you want to upload somewhere. At the same time, I’m always finding tons of great stuff on Flickr. It (finally!) occurred to me that it would be […]

Lincoln Mall; Freeport, Illinois

So here we have possibly one of the smallest, worse-for-wear malls this side of the mighty Mississippi.  We’re actually surprised it’s still open for business at all; in fact, a website trying to sell Lincoln Mall indicates it has been “recently de-malled” and “recently rehabbed”.  In fact, the whole thing can be yours for the low, low price of $3.5 […]

Woburn Mall; Woburn, Massachusetts

Here’s an interesting one for you. Although it’s pretty rare, we occasionally have a complete set of photos from before AND after the renovation of a shopping mall, and the Woburn Mall in Woburn, Massachusetts is one of these lucky centers. This small (237,000 square foot) neighborhood mall is one of a group of very […]