The Gallery At Market East; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The placement of enclosed shopping centers in urban cores and downtowns in America has always been a bit curious and fascinating to us.  Perhaps it’s because their designs must be creative in order to weave the structure into the existing built environment.  Or maybe it’s because they challenge the very notion of the traditional downtown, which struggled with its identity after the automobile age brought clusters of stores […]

Madison Square Mall; Huntsville, Alabama

A city known for its pioneering efforts in the arena of space travel, Huntsville, Alabama is the boomchild of the space race.  With a popuation of just 16,000 residents in 1950, Huntsville had 72,000 people by 1960 and an impressive 140,000 by 1970.  Today, Rocket City has 170,000 residents, with over 500,000 in the metropolitan area. Huntsville’s retail […]

ZCMI Center and Crossroads Center; Salt Lake City, Utah

Downtown Salt Lake City used to have two enclosed malls located just blocks apart–the ZCMI Center and the Crossroads Center. Both were torn down a couple years ago to make room for more new downtown development, and another (outdoor) downtown mall, The Gateway, has mostly taken their place. The ZCMI Center opened in 1975, and […]

Can’t Please All of the People All of the Time

Whoops. After one day on the site, it became apparent pretty fast that the region-specific open discussion pages made almost no one happy. They added a ton of clutter and they’d be impossible to follow. Everyone said they’d rather have a message board (just like the ones already in existence at Groceteria, AmesFanClub, and Remembering […]

Charleston Town Center; Charleston, West Virginia

  With a population just over 50,000 in the city and over 300,000 people in its metropolitan area, Charleston is not only the seat of state government but also the largest city in the state of West Virginny.  In its early days, Charleston grew and prospered due to manufacturing and deposits of natural resources such as […]