Jasmine Sola: Rip Her To Shreds

There’s an interesting article in today’s Boston Globe about the impending demise of Jasmine Sola, a trendy, upscale women’s clothier that had until recently been on a meteoric rise. The story details how Jasmine Sola went from a carefully-curated boutique in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a booming regional chain known for its colorful stores and high-end […]

Merry Christmas From Labelscar!

By most accounts, the 2007 holiday shopping season has thusfar been a bit of a bust. In an effort to bring a bit of cheer (and remind everyone of how fun that holiday mall shopping used to be!), one of our frequent contributors, Michael Lisicky, has sent in the following set of photos of vintage […]

Eastmont Mall; Oakland, California

I was in California last month, and I had a few hours to kill one afternoon when I was in the East Bay area so I swung by the Eastmont Mall in Oakland California. I didn’t do any research beforehand, I just saw it marked on my Rand McNally map so I toodled by. It […]

News and Miscellany

It’s been a while since we offered anything other than shopping center write-ups, and we realize that part of the advantage of having a chronological blog is the ability to post current information. In suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a large upscale regional mall proposal called Pabst Farms Town Center is tenatively back on, but this time with a different […]