Lafayette Square Mall; Indianapolis, Indiana

Opened in 1968 at a busy intersection a few miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis, Lafayette Square Mall was the first major enclosed mall in the metropolitan area.  Although other large outdoor shopping centers existed since the 50s such as Glendale Center, Lafayette Square was the first in a trend of enclosed shopping centers which would […]

Cloverleaf Mall; Richmond, Virginia

Hey there everyone! Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks/months… it’s been a pretty crazy one. I just spent two weeks out on the west coast for the first time since the 80s, and I even got to visit a few malls while I was out there, and look for them to appear […]

Lakeside Shopping Center; Metairie, Louisiana

Jamie of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has contributed the following very detailed write-up and photos to us, outlining not only the history of Lakeside Shopping Center but its position in relation to other malls in metro New Orleans and also the effects from Hurricane Katrina.  If you’d like to contribute to our ephemera of data relating to retail history, shopping centers, […]