Livonia Mall; Livonia, Michigan

In the suburbs of the Motor City, the mall reigns supreme.  So much so, in fact, that the retail hubs in the Detroit area are located completely within the suburban realm.  There are no major retail draws in the city of Detroit today, which isn’t surprising because Detroit is largely a vastly depressing urban wasteland.  Though urban revival attempts continue, […]

Mall of America; Bloomington, Minnesota

Here it is. The big kahuna. The head honcho. This is it, for the United States anyway. The 15-year-old Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is one of the largest single-site retail themed complexes in the whole entire country. A few sites in America offer more retail, such as the King of Prussia Mall in […]

Deerbrook Mall; Northbrook, Illinois

Bueller!!  Many will recall John Hughes’ 1986 hit movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and hardcore fans even know the locations, mostly around the Chicago area, where different scenes of the movie were filmed.  One of these locations was in north suburban Northbrook, where Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South high schools were used to represent the ficticious high school featured in […]

Retail Weekend Update

Hudson, NH Lifestyle Plans Canceled Much to no one’s surprise, W/S Development’s bizarrely ambitious plans to build a lifestyle center with several million square feet of space in Hudson, New Hampshire, were canceled this week. We wrote about this plan a couple months back, and said that it would basically spell a Mr. Yuk for […]

Green Tree Mall & River Falls Mall; Clarksville, IN

Our friend Jay sent us these cool early-90s photos of a pair of malls in extreme southern Indiana, just outside of Louisville. These two malls are located in very close proximity to one another off the Lewis & Clark Pkwy. and Greentree Boulevard, just off I-65. Green Tree Mall is the older of the two, […]

You Brought Me Draft Beer in a Plastic Cup

I hate to be *that guy,* but if you don’t mind indulging us for a second, we have a bit of an announcement to share. Labelscar is now one year old! It’s shocking to think that it’s been so long already, and perhaps even more shocking to think of how far we’ve come in just […]

Walnut Mall; Petersburg, Virginia

Labelscar’s friend Michael Lisicky wrote us to send some photos of the former Thalhimers at the Walnut Mall in Petersburg, Virginia, both taken in May 1991, shortly after the May Co. announced the store would be closing. Thalhimers was a Richmond-based department store chain that had stores in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina […]

Walt Whitman Mall; Huntington Station, New York

Longtime readers of Labelscar (or any other mall/retail history website, frankly) will notice we hold a distinct bias against a lot of the most successful shopping malls. Of course the obvious question is “Why?”–if these malls do well, and we like malls, why don’t we cheer for them as much as the others? It’s not […]

Crossgates Mall; Guilderland, New York

Awhile back in our roundup of Albany Malls I never got around to discussing the main event, the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland. Part of this is because despite its size, Crossgates is relatively typical of a Pyramid Cos.-developed mall of its vintage. (For an example, look no further than the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, […]

Whitehall Mall; Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Hey kids–I’ve been really busy lately (in fact, it seems we both have), hence the dearth of new posts. But it’s not that I haven’t updated anything–in fact, we made some edits to a post from nearly a year back the other day thanks to some new vintage photos of the Leh’s Department store in […]