Lauderhill Mall; Lauderhill, Florida

It’s about Spring break time, so we’re headed south to the original Spring break destination of Fort Lauderdale, and to a little mall just to the west in suburban Lauderhill.  Walking into Lauderhill Mall is like walking into a time vacuum and being sucked back 30 (or more?) years.  It is not only a wonderfully-preserved example […]

Walpole Mall; Walpole, Massachusetts

Apologies for the home state neglect. Let’s take a break from the Noo Yawka barrage with a mall that even a lot of people living in the Boston area may not know about. The Walpole Mall is the only enclosed mall serving Boston’s southwest suburbs, along the US1 and I-95 corridor. There is another, larger […]

Harding Mall; Nashville, Tennessee

Howdy, folks.  It’s been a while.  Due to school, work, and a little R&R (not to mention some content generation for this website) on the east coast this past week we’ve been a bit busy.  Though fear not, we’ll churn up more interesting stuff for you to ponder well into the future. Like the former Harding Mall in Nashville, Tennessee. Opened […]

Mr. Yuk Goes to Hudson

A marvel of the 21st century is that Labelscar has a great little tool called web analytics where I can see (amongst other things) the search terms that people use to access our site. While I generally keep my day job separate from my goings-on as a mall geek, I don’t mind mentioning that I […]

Rotterdam Square; Rotterdam (Schenectady), New York

The western flank of the Capital Region of New York is home to two enclosed malls, and originally there was three. Of these, one is the tiny–and not really functional–Amsterdam Mall in Amsterdam, in an area that resides somewhat outside of the metropolitan area. There were two other malls serving the Schenectady area: the Mohawk […]

Wilton Mall; Wilton (Saratoga Springs), New York

To finish out the northern stretch of Albany malls, I offer to you the Wilton Mall at Saratoga (commonly referred to simply as the Wilton Mall), the largest and newest of the malls stretching along the Northway from Albany. Of course, as you’ll see from these photos, I encountered the worst enemy of every mall […]

We Belong Together, Like Traffic and Weather

For the past 11 years, Fountains of Wayne have been a consistent soundtrack for an awful lot of the trips that generated the material for Labelscar. That’s why I’m so excited to urge everyone to run out and buy their fourth proper album (fifth if you count their 2005 B-sides comp), Traffic and Weather, when […]

Aviation Mall; Queensbury (Glens Falls), New York

The city of Glens Falls, New York is only arguably within the Capital Region metropolitan area at all, given that its 40 minutes or so to the north of Albany. However, something about the entire area has always felt contiguous to me, which is why I included the Aviation Mall within the Albany malls case […]

Kennedy Mall; Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque is a small city of almost 60,000 people located in eastern Iowa, along the mighty Mississippi River.  The first city in Iowa, Dubuque is known for its bluffside architecture and scenic riverfront vistas.  Locally, Dubuque is the economic hub of the entire Tri-State Region, which radiates from Dubuque and extends into nearby regions of Iowa, […]