Metcalf South Shopping Center; Overland Park, Kansas

Located in Overland Park, one of the largest suburbs of Kansas City, Metcalf South Shopping Center opened in 1967 to immediate fanfare.  Launched by infamous mall developer Sherman Dreiseszun, Metcalf South is anchored by local Kansas City department store The Jones Store Company and Sears.  It is enclosed and nearly 800,000 square feet on three levels, including […]

Park Plaza Mall (City Center); Oshkosh, Wisconsin

When I was a freshman in college I used to talk to people about their hometowns and through them I learned some interesting things.  One of them was the existence of an enclosed shopping mall in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin (population 63,000).  I had always wondered why a city of Oshkosh’s size never seemed to have […]

Taunton Mall (Mill River Place); Taunton, Massachusetts

To make things a bit more interesting, I’m going to try and create more posts in micro “metropolitan area” bundles, to better illustrate situations where one mall killed another, or where one mall works as an ancillary of another. While we ultimately would like to fill in much of the country, that’s going to take […]

Westgate Mall; Brockton, Massachusetts

The Westgate Mall in Brockton, Massachusetts is the oldest enclosed shopping mall in Massachusetts, opening in 1963. There are several older malls–such as South Shore Plaza, Northshore Mall, and Shoppers World–but they were all built as primarily outdoor shopping malls that were later enclosed (or, in the case of the latter, demolished). Westgate was the […]

Orange Blossom Mall; Fort Pierce, Florida

  This one was truly amazing.  Located along Okeechobee Road in the west part of Fort Pierce, Florida, Orange Blossom Mall sat for decades.  It seems to have died a slow, drawn out retail death, leaving behind a massive hulking structure which was open to walk but not really to shop.  When I visited in May 2001 […]

Westfield Wheaton (Wheaton Plaza); Wheaton, Maryland

Westfield is one of my least favorite of the major mall developers because of their tendency to make every mall look the same. However, a recent renovation at the Wheaton Plaza (or “Westfield Shoppingtown Wheaton,” whatever) in Wheaton, Maryland merits a quick ‘n dirty post. As this is the first Westfield mall that we’ve written […]

Mountain View Mall; Ardmore, Oklahoma

Have you ever been to a traditional Hoe-Down? If you answered ‘yes’, have you been to a traditional Hoe-Down inside of a mall? Mountain View Mall in Ardmore, Oklahoma hosts regular Hoe-Downs in the mall’s hallway during the mall’s opening hours. There’s also frequent live entertainment (mostly country and folk music) and every year the […]

Meriden Mall (Meriden Hub); Meriden, Connecticut

I’ve long had a strangely antagonistic relationship with Connecticut. I’ve always had a suspicion that the state–which seems bizarrely undermalled–was hiding some enclosed malls from us. Too many of the ones that do exist there are too big or too new to have been the entire story, and my suspicions are correct. Over the past […]

Security Square Mall; Baltimore, Maryland

Security Square Mall is a large, 1 million square foot enclosed mall located in the western suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. Until it came time to write this post, I didn’t actually realize that Security Square Mall is technically located in Baltimore, albeit an unincorporated section of Baltimore outside of the western edge of the I-695 […]

Retail Relic: Ames Department Stores

  To those of us who grew up in the Northeast, Ames was Wal-Mart before there was such a thing. Ames was many things, but they weren’t glamorous: their stores were big emporiums with long rows of flourescent lights that sold plastic jelly shoes, cheap plastic bins for storing random stuff, and fiberboard furniture. But […]