Shopping is for the Dogs

OK, fess up: how many times have you gone out for a shopping spree only to return to your house to find that Fido shredded your curtains? Quite a few? Maybe he was just jealous that he didn’t get to nosh on Sbarro too. According to a recent article in the Columbus Dispatch, Polaris Fashion […]

Federated Drops Stores: What We Think Will Happen

According to this article, Federated Department Stores (the parent company of Macy’s) is selling nine former stores to General Growth Properties. This is just a small part of the divestitures occurring in areas where Macy’s had a substantial amount of overlap with a former May chain (such as Filene’s, Kaufmann’s, Strawbridge’s, Robinsons-May, etc.). In many […]

Brookside Mall; Fredericton, New Brunswick

I figured that we might as well take a detour to a somewhat exotic locale for this strange little mall. In keeping with Canada’s typically crazy mall-building tendencies, the Brookside Mall is one of five (!!) malls serving the greater Fredericton, New Brunswick area. Fredericton is a tidy, attractive little city in central New Brunswick […]

Mystic Mall; Chelsea, Massachusetts

In one of my inaugural posts about the Billerica Mall, I noted that it was one of four malls around the Boston area constructed with the same basic design. Mystic Mall is another, and it’s in the process of being torn down. Before I wax poetic about the ol’ Mystic Mall, let me add a […]