Meadow Glen Mall; Medford, Massachusetts

We’ve recently blogged about the Mystic Mall and Assembly Square Mall in Boston’s inner northern suburbs. There’s a third mall that completes this particular mini-trade area: Medford’s Meadow Glen Mall. Of the three, Meadow Glen is by far the nicest and is the only one that remains open as an enclosed shopping mall. It is […]

Retail Relic: Old School Kmarts

Some stores are slow when it comes to standardization of their logos or decor, but perhaps none have been more notorious for this than Kmart. Even after their moderately successful rebranding campaign that began in the early 1990s, many of the chain’s stores held onto the older vintage logo scheme, and many (most?) never got […]

Apex Department Store; Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Apex Department Stores are a small chain of department stores in the Providence metropolitan area that were mostly shuttered in 2001. They had only three locations: this one, in Pawtucket; a similar but slightly less-remarkable store on Route 5 in Warwick; and a more standard boxy store at the Swansea Mall in Swansea, Massachusetts. Beginning […]

Rhode Island Mall; Warwick, Rhode Island

This is a tragic one. When I was a kid, Rhode Island Mall was the mall. I always derisively labeled the neighboring Warwick Mall–the successful one today–as the “clothes mall.” Rhode Island Mall was the fun mall. It had the Aladdin’s Castle arcade, it had video game stores, toy stores, and everything else a kid […]

Burlington Town Center; Burlington, Vermont

As mentioned in my last post, I’m going to write about Burlington’s two enclosed malls in a row to sort of illustrate the entire retail “scene” in this picturesque northern city. Yesterday, I blogged about University Mall, Vermont’s largest mall and a relatively standard suburban-style center. Today I’ll be talking about both the Burlington Town […]

University Mall; South Burlington, Vermont

A few weeks ago I started talking about my day trip up to Vermont, and then I uhh, stopped. Sorry about that. Let’s pick back up at University Mall in South Burlington, which is the largest enclosed mall in Vermont. Of course, this being Vermont and not Los Angeles, the claim of being the state’s […]

A Strip Mall by Any Other Name…

…is a lifestyle center. It was announced today that Northborough, Massachusetts–a town that sits in the center of the sprawling web of suburbia between Boston and Worcester–will soon be getting one of the franchise “Loop” concept shopping centers. Named after Massachusetts highway 213, which completes a freeway “loop” around the city of Lawrence, it’s a […]

Newport Mall; Newport, Rhode Island

When we created this blog, the main purpose was to study retail history–to document the way shopping centers are now or were in the past, so that people in the future could have some record of them. Unfortunately, we’ve arrived a bit late–hundreds of malls throughout the United States have already been shuttered, and we […]

Name Change Has Hurt Macy’s

According to an article in today’s Columbus Dispatch (again with the Columbus newspaper! What’s going on?), a study recently completed on Columbus-area Macy’s stores since the changeover from the retired Lazarus nameplate has found that foot traffic was down 4.5 percent in 2005, or nearly 50,000 customers. Columbus is the first city where such a […]

Dutchess Mall; Fishkill, New York

In keeping with the theme of late, I wanted to post another find about a long-dead mall here in the northeast: The Dutchess Mall in Fishkill, New York. According to the website of the Dagar Group, the mall’s management company, it has very recently (finally) been torn down. I wouldn’t believe it, but this picture […]